Quantum Technology Workforce Monitor Report

New job postings continue persistent decline – Europe rebounds

New quantum technology job announcements declined month/month in June, globally and across North America. The flash preliminary data for June indicates a mild decline of 2.3% for the all-inclusive global number, which is an improvement over the persistent m/m, double-digit percentage declines in recent months.  New jobs listed within North America declined month/month as well, however, the falloff rate lessened—relative to prior months—to just a 10% decline. Conversely, the number of new job announcements in Europe increased in June by 11.1% over the number of announcements in May, breaking a run of three consecutive monthly drops.

Note: The most recent monthly data will be published immediately at the end of each calendar month. Starting with this report, these initial data points should be considered “flash preliminary” figures, as the exact values will likely be revised upward when the same reporting month is published again the following month as “revised final.” This is because the underlying real-time data collection process often discovers job listings that are retrospectively published.
Table: month/month change in the number of newly-documented, job postings.

GLOBAL        :  -2.3%
EUROPE        :  11.1%
REST OF WORLD : -25.4%


(Previously reported ‘Preliminary flash’ values in parenthesis)
GLOBAL        : -10.9% (-16.9%)
EUROPE        : -20.5% (-25.9%)
NORTH AMERICA : -11.1% (-17.9%)
REST OF WORLD :  51.5% ( 45.2%)

Information provided by the Quantum Tech Workforce Monitor Report is based on data collected on individual job opening announcements publicly offered by organizations operating in the quantum technology ecosystem. The Report is published monthly on the QED-C Blog.  The next release of the monthly report will be available on August 2, 2024.