Quantum jobs

Check out available listings of employment opportunities at QED-C members companies. Members include corporations, academic institutions, national laboratories and government agencies working in quantum.

OrganizationPositionLinkLocationDate Added
Aliro TechnologiesSenior/Principal Software Developer (Embedded Systems)USA; Massachusetts; Boston2022-04-16
Aliro TechnologiesSenior/Principal Software Developer (Quantum Network Controller)USA; Massachusetts; Boston2022-04-16
Aliro TechnologiesSenior/Principal Software Developer (Quantum Network Protocols)USA; Massachusetts; Boston2022-04-16
AmazonApplied Quantum Scientist, Amazon BraketUSA; Massachusetts; Boston2022-07-21
AmazonApplied ScientistUSA; New York; New York2021-11-18
AmazonApplied ScientistUSA; Washington; Bellevue2021-12-19
AmazonApplied ScientistUSA; California; Pasadena2021-12-04
AmazonApplied ScientistUSA; Massachusetts; Boston2021-10-23
AmazonBuyer - Quantum Hardware, Quantum Commuincations and NetworkingUSA; California; Pasadena2022-04-13
AmazonEmbedded Software Engineer, Quantum Computing, Center for Quantum ComputingUSA; California; Pasadena2022-07-03
AmazonEquipment Engineer, QuantumUSA; California; Pasadena2022-01-06
AmazonFacilities Technician, AWS Center for Quantum ComputingUSA; California; Pasadena2022-07-21
AmazonHardware Development EngineerUSA; California; Glendale2022-01-29
AmazonHardware Development EngineerUSA; Massachusetts; Boston2022-03-06
AmazonHardware Development Engineer, Quantum ComputingUSA; California; Pasadena2022-06-24
AmazonHardware Development Engineer; RF/Microwave EngineerUSA; California; Glendale2021-05-22
AmazonLab and Facilities Manager, AWS Center for Quantum ComputingUSA; California; Pasadena2022-04-13
AmazonLab EngineerUSA; Massachusetts; Boston2022-07-07
AmazonLab Technician, AWS Center for Quantum ComputingUSA; California; Pasadena2022-02-12
AmazonNetwork Development Engineer, AWS Center for Quantum ComputingUSA; California; Pasadena2022-07-21
AmazonPartner Solutions Architect - Quantum Computing, Emerging TechnologyUSA; New York; New York2022-06-15
AmazonPrincipal Lead for Quantum, National Security Emerging Technology TeamUSA; Virginia; Arlington2022-07-02
AmazonPrincipal Product Manager TechUSA; California; Pasadena2022-05-06
AmazonPrincipal Quantum Technologist, NatSec Emerging TechnologyUSA; Virginia; Herndon2022-07-16
AmazonPrincipal Research ScientistIsrael; Tel Aviv2022-07-10
AmazonQuantum Applied ScientistUSA; Washington; Seattle2022-05-17
AmazonQuantum Applied ScientistGermany; Munich2022-05-22
AmazonQuantum Hardware Development Engineer Device Fabrication (Lithography), Quantum ComputingUSA; California; Pasadena2022-04-02
AmazonQuantum Hardware Development Manager Device Fabrication, Quantum ComputingUSA; California; Pasadena2022-04-13
AmazonQuantum Hardware EngineerUSA; Massachusetts; Cambridge2022-06-30
AmazonQuantum Res Sci, Fabrication, Quantum Communications and NetworkingUSA; Massachusetts; Boston2021-12-24
AmazonQuantum Res Sci, Software, Quantum Communications and NetworkingUSA; Massachusetts; Boston2021-12-24
AmazonQuantum Research ScientistUSA; California; Glendale2021-06-18
AmazonQuantum Research Scientist - Design ToolsUSA; California; San Francisco2021-05-22
AmazonQuantum Research Scientist Device Fabrication, Quantum ComputingUSA; California; Pasadena2022-04-22
AmazonQuantum Research Scientist Device FabricationUSA; California; Glendale2021-03-06
AmazonQuantum Research Scientist, AWS Center for Quantum ComputingUSA; California; Pasadena2022-02-12
AmazonQuantum Research Scientist, Center for Quantum NetworkingUSA; Massachusetts; Boston2022-07-16
AmazonQuantum Research Scientist, Control StackUSA; Massachusetts; Boston2022-03-10
AmazonQuantum Research Scientist, Device TestUSA; California; Pasadena2022-01-22
AmazonQuantum Research Scientist, Fabrication, Quantum Communications and NetworkingUSA; Massachusetts; Boston2022-07-03
AmazonQuantum Research Scientist, Fabrication, Quantum Communications and NetworkingUSA; Massachusetts; Boston2022-06-25
AmazonQuantum Research Scientist, HardwareUSA; Massachusetts; Boston2022-03-05
AmazonQuantum Research Scientist, Optics, Center for Quantum NetworkingUSA; Massachusetts; Boston2022-08-02
AmazonQuantum Research Scientist, Quantum Error Correction, Center for Quantum ComputingUSA; California; Pasadena2022-06-30
AmazonQuantum Research Scientist, SoftwareUSA; California; Pasadena2022-03-31
AmazonQuantum Research Scientist, Software, Center for Quantum ComputingUSA; California; San Francisco2022-06-07
AmazonQuantum Research Scientist, Test and AutomationUSA; California; Pasadena2022-07-30
AmazonQuantum Research Scientist, Test and MeasurementUSA; California; Pasadena2021-12-10
AmazonQuantum Support Engineer Fab Technician, Quantum ComputingUSA; California; Pasadena2022-05-05
AmazonResearch Scientist - Quantum AlgorithmsUSA; California; Glendale2022-03-19
AmazonSenior Applied Scientist - Amazon BraketUSA; Washington; Seattle2021-02-18
AmazonSenior Applied Scientist, Amazon Web ServicesChina; Beijing2022-08-07
AmazonSenior Applied Scientist, Application DevelopmentUSA; Remote2022-06-15
AmazonSenior Applied Scientist, Application DevelopmentUSA; Remote2022-03-09
AmazonSenior Applied Scientist, Quantum Solutions LabSwitzerland; Zurich2022-08-07
AmazonSenior Product Manager - Quantum Computing, AWSUSA; Washington; Seattle2022-01-21
AmazonSenior Software Engineer, AWS CryptographyUSA; Virginia; Herndon2022-07-28
AmazonSenior Software Engineer, Compilers, Center for Quantum ComputingUSA; California; Pasadena2022-06-29
AmazonSenior Software Engineer, Quantum ComputingUSA; California; San Francisco2021-03-27
AmazonSenior Software Engineer, Quantum ComputingUSA; California; Pasadena2022-03-16
AmazonSenior UX Designer, Professional ServicesUSA; Washington; Seattle2022-08-06
AmazonSoftware Dev Engineer II, Amazon BraketUSA; Washington; Seattle2022-03-05
AmazonSoftware Dev Engineer III, Amazon BraketUSA; Washington; Seattle2022-08-09
AmazonSoftware Development EngineerUSA; Massachusetts; Boston2022-07-07
AmazonSoftware Development Engineer, Design and Simulation, Center for Quantum ComputingUSA; California; San Francisco2022-06-28
AmazonSoftware Development Engineer, Quantum ComputingUSA; California; Pasadena2022-03-16
AmazonSoftware Development Engineer, Quantum Computing at Amazon Web Services (AWS)USA; Washington; Seattle2022-04-23
AmazonSoftware Development Engineer, Quantum Computing at AWSUSA; Washington; Seattle2021-12-04
AmazonSoftware Development Engineer, Quantum TechnologiesUSA; Massachusetts; Boston2022-05-28
AmazonSoftware Engineer, AWS CryptographyUSA; Virginia; Herndon2022-08-06
AmazonSoftware Engineer, Compilers, Center for Quantum ComputingUSA; California; Pasadena2022-06-30
AmazonSoftware Engineering Manager, Quantum Computing, Center for Quantum ComputingUSA; California; San Francisco2022-05-06
AmazonSr Product Manager, Amazon BraketUSA; New York; New York2022-07-21
AmazonSr. Applied Cryptographer, DS-CryptoUSA; California; Sunnyvale2022-04-21
AmazonSr. Product Manager TechUSA; California; Pasadena2022-06-24
AmazonSr. Program Manager, AWS Center for Quantum Computing (CQC)USA; Washington; Seattle2022-07-03
AmazonSr. Program Manager, AWS Center for Quantum Computing (CQC)USA; Washington; Seattle2022-06-28
AmazonSr. Software Development Engineer, Quantum Computing at AWSUSA; Washington; Seattle2021-06-05
AmazonSr. Technical Program Manager, AWS Center for Quantum Computing (CQC)USA; California; Pasadena2022-08-09
AmazonSupport Engineering Manager Fabrication, Quantum ComputingUSA; California; Pasadena2022-07-13
AmazonTechnical Program Manager - Quantum Computing, Amazon BraketUSA; Washington; Seattle2022-06-08
AmazonThin Film Support Engineer, QuantumUSA; California; Pasadena2022-03-05
AnametricDirector of Strategic Partnerships and Business DevelopmentUSA; Texas; Austin
USA; Remote
AnametricSr. Processor Design EngineerUSA; Texas; Austin
USA; Remote
AnyonHigh Performance Computing DeveloperCanada; Quebec; Montreal2022-05-21
AnyonHigh Performance Computing SpecialistCanada; British Columbia; Burnaby2022-05-21
AnyonQuantum Compiler - DeveloperCanada; Ontario; Markham2022-05-21
AnyonQuantum Control EngineerCanada; Quebec; Montreal2022-05-24
AnyonQuantum Control EngineerCanada; Ontario; Markham2022-05-21
AOSenseOptical PhysicistUSA; California; Freemont2022-06-25
AOSensePhysicistUSA; California; Freemont2022-06-25
ATOM ComputingLaboratory TechnicianUSA; Colorado; Boulder2022-08-09
ATOM ComputingQuantum Applications EngineerUSA; California; Berkeley2021-07-17
ATOM ComputingQuantum EngineerUSA; Colorado; Boulder
USA; California; Berkeley
ATOM ComputingSenior/Principal Software EngineerUSA; California; Berkeley2022-01-15
BleximoManufacturing EngineerUSA; California; Berkeley2021-12-03
BleximoQuantum Applications EngineerUSA; California; Berkeley2021-12-03
BoeingExperienced Applied PhysicistUSA; California; Huntington Beach
USA; California; El Segundo
USA; Maryland; Annapolis Junction
Booz Allen HamiltonComputational Analysis ConsultantUSA; Virginia; Arlington2022-07-18
Booz Allen HamiltonQuantum Computing SMEUSA; Maryland; Bethesda2022-06-16
Booz Allen HamiltonQuantum Computing SMEUSA; Virginia; McLean2022-05-29
Booz Allen HamiltonQuantum Information Science ConsultantUSA; Virginia; Arlington2022-05-26
Booz Allen HamiltonQuantum Research Data ScientistUSA; District Of Columbia; Washington2022-06-30
Booz Allen HamiltonQuantum Research Scientist, SeniorUSA; District Of Columbia; Washington2022-03-22
Booz Allen HamiltonQuantum ScientistUSA; New York; Rome2022-05-21
Booz Allen HamiltonQuantum Sensing and Materials SMEUSA; Maryland; Annapolis Junction2022-04-12
BPQuantum Computing SpecialistUSA; Texas; Houston2021-04-28
Cambridge QuantumOptical Systems Engineer/PhysicistUnited Kingdom; London2022-05-11
Cambridge QuantumQuantum Photonics Engineers (Various levels)United Kingdom; London2022-03-12
Cambridge QuantumQuantum Research Scientist - Circuit SynthesisGermany; Munich2022-04-09
Cambridge QuantumQuantum Research Scientist - Germany/MunichGermany; Munich2021-07-14
Cambridge QuantumResearch Scientist - CryptographyUnited Kingdom; London2021-07-30
Cambridge QuantumResearch Scientist, Quantum Algorithms (Cambridge)United Kingdom; Cambridge2022-05-13
Cambridge QuantumScientific Software Developer - Quantum SoftwareUnited Kingdom; Cambridge2021-12-17
Cambridge QuantumSenior Field-programmable gate array (FPGA) EngineerUnited Kingdom; London2021-11-02
Cambridge QuantumSenior Research Scientist Quantum Cryptography (theoretical quantum cryptogUnited Kingdom; London2022-03-02
Cambridge QuantumSenior Scientific Software Engineer - Quantum SoftwareUnited Kingdom; Cambridge2022-04-09
Cambridge QuantumSenior Software Engineer - Cloud ExperienceUnited Kingdom; London2022-06-25
Cambridge QuantumSoftware Quality Assurance EngineerUnited Kingdom; Cambridge2022-03-25
Cambridge QuantumTechnical Solutions Specialist CybersecurityUnited Kingdom; London2022-04-14
ColdQuantaAMO PhysicistUSA; Wisconsin; Madison2022-04-28
ColdQuantaAMO Physicist - Applications, Simulation, and ModelingUSA; Colorado; Boulder2022-08-01
ColdQuantaAtomic Physicist - ExperimentalUSA; Colorado; Boulder2022-04-30
ColdQuantaAtomic Physicist - ExperimentalUSA; Colorado; Boulder2022-02-04
ColdQuantaConfiguration Management SpecialistUSA; Colorado; Boulder2022-04-14
ColdQuantaDirector of Manufacturing EngineeringUSA; Colorado; Boulder2022-04-30
ColdQuantaDirector of Manufacturing EngineeringUSA; Colorado; Boulder2022-03-11
ColdQuantaDisbursements ManagerUSA; Colorado; Boulder2022-05-25
ColdQuantaElectrical Engineer (Production Design and Manufacturing)USA; Colorado; Boulder2022-04-14
ColdQuantaEmbedded Labview EngineerUSA; Colorado; Boulder2022-06-08
ColdQuantaEmbedded Software EngineerUnited Kingdom; Oxford2021-07-09
ColdQuantaFull Stack DeveloperUSA; Colorado; Boulder2022-02-18
ColdQuantaIT Helpdesk TechnicianUSA; Colorado; Boulder2022-07-28
ColdQuantaMechanical Design EngineerUSA; Colorado; Boulder2022-06-04
ColdQuantaMechanical EngineerUnited Kingdom; Oxford2022-08-06
ColdQuantaOffice ManagerUnited Kingdom; Oxford2022-07-15
ColdQuantaProgram and Project Manager - ( Hardware R & D )USA; Colorado; Boulder2022-02-25
ColdQuantaProposal SpecialistUSA; Colorado; Boulder2022-04-30
ColdQuantaQuantum PhysicistUSA; Colorado; Boulder2022-05-01
ColdQuantaRF Engineer for Quantum ComputingUSA; Colorado; Boulder2022-02-11
ColdQuantaRF Engineer for Quantum SensingUSA; Colorado; Boulder2022-06-25
ColdQuantaSales & Marketing AssistantRemote2022-01-25
ColdQuantaSenior Analyst-Program FinanceUSA; Colorado; Boulder2022-08-07
ColdQuantaSenior Mechanical EngineerUSA; Colorado; Boulder2022-08-01
ColdQuantaSenior Opto-Mechanical EngineerUSA; Colorado; Boulder2022-05-11
ColdQuantaSenior Quantum PhysicistUSA; Colorado; Boulder2022-05-15
ColdQuantaSoftware Success EngineerUSA; Colorado; Boulder2022-06-04
ColdQuantaSustaining Operations ManagerUSA; Colorado; Boulder2022-05-27
ColdQuantaUI/UX DesignerUSA; Colorado; Boulder2021-12-18
ColdQuantaVice President of Quantum DevelopmentUSA; Colorado; Boulder2022-05-28
ColdQuantaVP AccountingUSA; Colorado; Boulder2022-02-01
CorningResearch Scientist - Integrated PhotonicsUSA; New York; Painted Post2022-06-19
D-Wave GovernmentBusiness Systems Analyst (Netsuite)USA; Remote
Canada; Remote
D-Wave GovernmentJr. Graphic Designer Contractor & RemoteCanada; British Columbia; Burnaby2022-07-23
D-Wave GovernmentManager, Sales Operations RemoteRemote2022-07-09
D-Wave GovernmentParalegal/Contract SpecialistCanada; Remote2022-08-05
D-Wave GovernmentPython Software DeveloperUSA; Remote
USA; Washington; Bellevue
D-Wave GovernmentPython Software Developer (mid-level)Canada; British Columbia; Burnaby2022-02-05
D-Wave GovernmentSecurity and Network AdministratorCanada; British Columbia; Burnaby2022-06-22
D-Wave GovernmentSoftware Developer (Algorithms)Canada; British Columbia; Burnaby2022-06-25
D-Wave GovernmentSr AccountantCanada; Remote2022-07-29
Deloitte Consulting(Senior) Consultant (m/w/d) The Garage - Quantum.Link - Schwerpunkt KryptographieGermany; Berlin2021-10-01
Deloitte Consulting(Senior) Consultant (m/w/d) The Garage - Quantum.Link - Schwerpunkt QuantencomputingGermany; Hamburg2021-10-06
Deloitte Consulting(Senior) Consultant - Technology Strategy & Transformation - Banking (m/w/d)Germany; Koln2022-05-19
Deloitte ConsultingManager, Cyber Infrastructure Security, Risk AdvisoryCanada; Ontario; Ottawa2022-01-13
Deloitte ConsultingQuantum Offering Incubation Technical ManagerUSA; Virginia; Arlington
USA; Georgia; Atlanta
USA; Massachusetts; Boston
USA; Illinois; Chicago
USA; Other
USA; New York; New York
USA; Pennsylvania; Philadelphia
USA; Virginia; Rosslyn
USA; California; San Jose
Deloitte ConsultingQuantum Specialist - Quantum ChemistUSA; Virginia; Alexandria2022-07-12
FormFactorPrincipal Applications EngineerUSA; Colorado; Boulder2022-06-15
FormFactorQuantum Business Development EngineerUSA; Colorado; Boulder2022-08-12
Frequency ElectronicsRF TechnicianUSA; New York; Uniondale2022-07-26
GoogleAdvanced 3D Packaging Hardware Engineer, Quantum AIUSA; California; Goleta2021-08-07
GoogleControl Systems Electrical Engineer, Quantum AIUSA; California; Goleta2021-08-04
GoogleCryogenic Operations Engineer, Hardware Test Engineering, Quantum AIUSA; California; Goleta2022-05-14
GoogleCryogenic Systems Hardware Engineer, Quantum AIUSA2021-01-23
GoogleCryogenic Systems Mechanical Design Hardware Engineer, Quantum AIUSA; California; Goleta2021-05-13
GoogleDevices Surface Scientist, Hardware Engineer, Quantum AIUSA; California; Goleta2021-05-05
GoogleDirector, Research Scientist. Quantum HardwareUSA; California; Goleta2021-06-05
GoogleElectrical Engineer, Quantum Control Systems, Quantum AIUSA; California; Goleta2021-08-27
GoogleError Correction Decoder, Software Engineer, Quantum AIUSA; California; Santa Barbara2021-06-18
GoogleFabrication Equipment Engineer, Quantum AIUSA; California; Goleta2022-05-12
GoogleFabrication Equipment Hardware Engineer, Quantum AIUSA; California; Goleta2021-08-21
GoogleFabrication Hardware Engineer, Quantum AIUSA; California; Goleta2022-05-04
GoogleHardware Engineer, Analog Mixed Signal ASIC, Quantum ComputingUSA; California; Goleta2021-06-22
GoogleHardware Engineer, Digital ASIC for Quantum ComputingUSA; California; Goleta2021-06-22
GoogleHardware Engineer, Microfabrication Process Development, Quantum AIUSA; California; Goleta2021-04-07
GoogleHardware Engineer, Quantum AI, Cryogenic SystemsUSA; California; Goleta2022-07-02
GoogleHardware Engineer, Quantum Calibration and MeasurementUSA; California; Goleta2022-05-28
GoogleHardware Engineering Operations Manager, Quantum AIUSA; California; Santa Barbara2022-03-12
GoogleHead of Business Operations, Quantum AIUSA; California; Santa Barbara2022-02-16
GoogleHead of Error-Corrected Quantum AlgorithmsUSA; California; Los Angeles2021-10-16
GoogleHead of Strategy, Quantum AIUSA; California; Santa Barbara2022-05-29
GoogleIntegrated Circuit CAD Engineer, Quantum AIUSA; California; Goleta2021-10-02
GoogleLab Manager, Hardware Test Engineer, Quantum AIUSA; California; Santa Barbara2021-03-30
GoogleLayout Hardware Engineer, Quantum AIUSA; California; Goleta2021-07-27
GoogleLayout Hardware Engineer, Quantum AIUSA; California; Goleta2021-10-23
GoogleLead Technical Program Manager, Quantum AIUSA; California; Goleta2021-09-22
GoogleMeasurement Hardware Engineer, Quantum AIUSA; California; Santa Barbara2021-03-02
GoogleMicrowave Electronics Hardware Engineer, Quantum AIUSA; California; Santa Barbara2022-07-20
GoogleMicrowave Electronics Test & Design Hardware Engineer, Quantum AIUSA; California; Santa Barbara2021-03-02
GoogleMicrowave Electronics Test and Design Engineer, Quantum AIUSA; California; Goleta2022-02-05
GoogleOpen Source Lead, Senior Software Engineer, Quantum AIUSA; California; Los Angeles2021-05-05
GooglePackaging Hardware Engineer, Quantum AIUSA; California; Goleta2021-11-10
GooglePackaging Research Engineer, Advanced Packaging, Quantum AIUSA; California; Goleta2022-05-06
GooglePartnerships Program Manager, Quantum AIUSA; California; Goleta2022-03-26
GoogleProduct Management Lead, Quantum ComputingUSA2021-01-17
GoogleProduct Marketing Manager, Google Quantum AI, ResearchUSA; California; Palo Alto
USA; California; Los Angeles
USA; California; Mountain View
USA; California; Goleta
USA; California; San Francisco
GoogleProgram Manager, Environmental, Health, and Safety, Quantum AIUSA; California; Goleta2021-10-20
GoogleQuantum AI Partnerships Program ManagerUSA; California; Goleta2022-03-05
GoogleQuantum Calibration Research Scientist, Quantum AIUSA; California; Goleta2022-03-25
GoogleQuantum Hardware Test Engineer, Quantum AIUSA; California; Goleta2021-07-15
GoogleQuantum Machine Learning Researcher, Research Scientist, Quantum AIUSA; California; Los Angeles2021-08-11
GoogleQuantum Measurement Engineer, Quantum Artificial IntelligenceUSA; California; Goleta2022-03-05
GoogleQuantum Packaging Simulation Engineer, Quantum AIUSA; California; Goleta2022-05-07
GoogleQuantum Readout Hardware Engineer, Quantum AIUSA; California; Goleta2022-05-14
GoogleQuantum Research ScientistUSA; California; Goleta2021-11-10
GoogleQuantum Research Scientist, High Performance SimulationsUSA; California; Santa Barbara2022-06-01
GoogleQuantum Research Scientist, Modeling and Error CorrectionUSA; California; Santa Barbara2022-07-02
GoogleQuantum Systems Engineer, Quantum AIUSA; California; Santa Barbara2022-02-19
GoogleQuantum Systems Hardware Engineer, Quantum AIUSA; California; Santa Barbara2021-03-06
GoogleResearch Hardware Engineer, Quantum AIUSA; California; Goleta2021-10-01
GoogleResearch Scientist Quantum AlgorithmsUSA; California; Los Angeles
USA; California; Goleta
GoogleResearch Scientist, Experimental Quantum ComputingUSA; California; Goleta2021-08-02
GoogleResearch Scientist, Quantum AlgorithmsUSA; California; Santa Barbara2021-10-20
GoogleResearch Scientist, Quantum AlgorithmsGermany; Munich2022-04-09
GoogleResearch Scientist, Quantum HardwareUSA; California; Los Angeles2022-01-22
GoogleResearch Scientist, Quantum-to-Classical Interface CircuitsUSA; California; Santa Barbara
USA; California; Los Angeles
GoogleSenior Software Engineer, Quantum AIUSA; California; Goleta2022-03-31
GoogleSoftware Engineer III, Data Systems, Quantum AIUSA; California; Goleta2021-08-30
GoogleSoftware Engineer III, Error Correction Decoder, Quantum AIUSA; California; Santa Barbara2021-04-24
GoogleSoftware Engineer III, Qkernel, Quantum AIUSA; California; Goleta2021-05-22
GoogleSoftware Engineer III, QuantumUSA; California; Goleta2022-05-05
GoogleSoftware Engineer III, Quantum ArchitectureUSA; California; Santa Barbara2022-06-10
GoogleSoftware Engineer, Error Correction Decoder, Quantum AIUSA2021-02-05
GoogleSoftware Engineer, Quantum Computing ServiceUSA; California; Santa Barbara2022-03-15
GoogleStaff Software Engineer. Infrastructure, Quantum AIUSA; California; Goleta2022-02-26
GoogleTechnical Program Manager, System Integration, Quantum AIUSA; California; Goleta
USA; California; Los Angeles
GoogleWaveguide Metrology Researcher, Augmented RealityCanada; Ontario; Waterloo2021-07-30
HoneywellAdvanced R&D Atomic PhysicistUSA; Minnesota; Plymouth2022-05-13
HoneywellHelios - Principal Electrical EngineerUSA; Colorado; Broomfield2021-09-09
HoneywellHelios - R&D ManagerUSA; Colorado; Broomfield2021-10-26
HoneywellMaterials Mgmt Analyst IIUSA; Colorado; Broomfield2022-06-10
HoneywellQuantinuum - Advanced Microfabrication Research/ScientistUSA; Minnesota; Plymouth2022-01-01
HoneywellQuantinuum - Advanced Photonic Integrated Circuit Design ScientistUSA; Colorado; Broomfield2022-01-01
HoneywellQuantinuum - Advanced PhysicistUSA; Colorado; Broomfield2022-07-09
HoneywellQuantinuum - Director of Information SecurityUSA; Colorado; Broomfield2022-04-09
HoneywellQuantinuum - Director of Technical Program ManagementUSA; Colorado; Broomfield2022-07-02
HoneywellQuantinuum - Facilities EngineerUSA; Minnesota; Minneapolis2022-07-16
HoneywellQuantinuum - Lead Electrical FPGA EngineerUSA; Colorado; Broomfield2022-07-09
HoneywellQuantinuum - Lead Engineering TechnicianUSA; Minnesota; Golden Valley2022-07-09
HoneywellQuantinuum - Lead Systems EngineerUSA; Colorado; Broomfield2022-07-14
HoneywellQuantinuum - Materials Management Analyst IIUSA; Minnesota; Golden Valley2022-06-30
HoneywellQuantinuum - Midmarket Sales Executive - Quantum SoftwareUSA; Colorado; Broomfield2022-05-07
HoneywellQuantinuum - Principal Electrical EngineerUSA; Colorado; Broomfield2022-01-01
HoneywellQuantinuum - Quantum Compiler EngineerUSA; Colorado; Broomfield2022-01-01
HoneywellQuantinuum - R&D Manager Photonic Devices and Integrated CircuitsUSA; Colorado; Broomfield2022-03-05
HoneywellQuantinuum - R&D Optics Lab EngineerUSA; Minnesota; Golden Valley2022-04-02
HoneywellQuantinuum - Sales Development RepresentativeUSA; Colorado; Broomfield2022-06-03
HoneywellQuantinuum - Sales Development Representative IIUSA; Colorado; Broomfield2022-05-07
HoneywellQuantinuum - Senior Advanced PhysicistUSA; Colorado; Broomfield2022-07-09
HoneywellQuantinuum - Senior Solutions ArchitectUSA; Virginia; Richmond2022-08-04
HoneywellQuantinuum - Senior Tradeshow and Marketing SpecialistUSA; Colorado; Broomfield2022-08-06
HoneywellQuantinuum - Sr. Advanced Electrical FPGA EngineerUSA; Colorado; Broomfield2022-06-22
HoneywellQuantinuum - Sr. Manager Software DevelopmentUSA; Colorado; Broomfield2022-06-02
HoneywellQuantinuum - Sr. Network AnalystUSA; Minnesota; Golden Valley2022-06-30
HoneywellQuantinuum - Sr. Offering Management LeadUSA; Minnesota; Golden Valley2022-06-30
HoneywellQuantinuum - Sr. R&D Manager-Atomic PhysicsUSA; Colorado; Broomfield2022-07-02
HoneywellQuantinuum- Advanced Electrical EngrUSA; Colorado; Broomfield2021-12-04
HoneywellQuantinuum- Advanced Laser ScientistUSA; Minnesota; Golden Valley2022-04-07
HoneywellQuantinuum- Director of Information SecurityUSA; Colorado; Broomfield2022-04-05
HoneywellQuantinuum- Senior Facilities EngineerUSA; Minnesota; Minneapolis2022-05-21
HoneywellQuantinuum- Senior Tradeshow and Marketing SpecialistUSA; Colorado; Broomfield2022-08-03
HoneywellQuantinuum-Advanced Microfabrication Research/ ScientistUSA; Minnesota; Plymouth2021-12-23
HoneywellSr. Strategic Sourcing SpecUSA; Colorado; Broomfield2022-06-09
HoneywellUX/UI EngineerUSA; Colorado; Broomfield2021-11-06
IBMBusiness Development Executive for IBM QuantumUSA; Colorado; Boulder2022-07-18
IBMContent Designer Quantum (Remote)USA; New York; New York2022-05-06
IBMData Scientist: Advanced AnalyticsIndia; Gurgaon2022-07-10
IBMData Scientist: Advanced AnalyticsIndia; Gurgaon2022-07-05
IBMEntry Level Hardware Developer: 2023USA; Texas; Austin2022-08-10
IBMExternal Relations Lead, IBM ResearchUSA; New York; Yorktown Heights2022-08-03
IBMHardware Designer Quantum (Yorktown Heights, NY)USA; New York; Yorktown Heights2022-07-29
IBMHardware Designer Quantum (Yorktown Heights, NY)USA; New York; Yorktown Heights2022-07-30
IBMHardware Engineer Quantum (Yorktown Heights, NY)USA; New York; Yorktown Heights2022-02-26
IBMIBM Quantum - Observability Tools Developer (Ykt Heights,NY or remote)USA; New York; Yorktown Heights
USA; Remote
IBMIBM Quantum Cloud DevOps Engineer ( Any Location)USA
Canada; Ontario; Toronto
IBMIBM Quantum Data Center Engineer ( Ykt Heights or Poughkeepsie, NY)USA; New York; Poughkeepsie2022-07-21
IBMIBM Quantum Industry Consultant (m/w/x)Switzerland; Zurich2022-07-06
IBMIBM Quantum Industry Consultant Manufacturing (f/m/x)Germany; Berlin2022-07-21
IBMIBM Quantum Performance Marketing Manager (NYC area or Remote)USA; New York; Yorktown Heights
USA; Remote
IBMIBM Quantum Services Offering Manager (f/m/x)Germany; Berlin2022-08-04
IBMIBM Quantum Social Media Manager (NYC area or Austin, TX)USA; Texas; Austin2022-05-12
IBMKorea Quantum Enabling Technologies Researcher KR; Seoul2022-07-09
IBMKorea Quantum Partnership Manager KR; Seoul2022-06-25
IBMPostdoctoral Researcher - Quantum (Yorktown Heights, NY)USA; New York; Yorktown Heights2021-11-26
IBMQuantum Deep Learning Research ScientistUSA; New York; Yorktown Heights2022-05-27
IBMQuantum Developer for Qiskit ToolsCanada; Ontario; Markham2022-08-09
IBMQuantum Developer for Qiskit ToolsCanada; Ontario; Markham2022-08-10
IBMQuantum Developer for Qiskit Tools (Yorktown Heights, NY or remote)USA; New York; Yorktown Heights2022-06-18
IBMQuantum Hardware Development Engineer - Device FabricationUSA; California; Glendale2022-04-09
IBMQuantum Industry Consultant (m/w/x)Switzerland; Zurich2022-07-09
IBMQuantum Industry Consultant Manufacturing (f/m/x)Germany2022-07-30
IBMQuantum Optimization Data ScientistUSA; New York; Yorktown Heights2022-05-26
IBMQuantum Qiskit Core Developer -- Qiskit Runtime (Location Any)USA; District Of Columbia; Washington2022-08-06
IBMQuantum Research Scientist (Yorktown Heights, NY or San Jose, CA)USA; New York; Yorktown Heights
USA; California; San Jose
IBMQuantum Research Scientist (Yorktown Heights, NY or San Jose, CA)USA; New York; New York
USA; California; San Jose
IBMQuantum Research Scientist Circuit Design (Yorktown Heights, NY)USA; New York; Yorktown Heights2022-07-08
IBMQuantum Safe Project Executive (Remote)USA; New York; Yorktown Heights2022-07-15
IBMQuantum UX Designer (NYC area or Austin, TX)USA; Texas; Austin2022-05-04
IBMReliability EngineerUSA; New York; Albany2022-06-10
IBMResearch Lithography Process EngineerUSA; New York; Albany2022-06-11
IBMResearch Optical Proximity Correction EngineerUSA; New York; Albany2022-06-09
IBMResearch Scientist - Quantum (Yorktown Heights, NY)USA; New York; Yorktown Heights2022-07-29
IBMResearch Scientist Advanced Plasma Quantum (Yorktown Heights, NY)USA; New York; Yorktown Heights2022-06-10
IBMResearch Scientist Packaging Fabrication (Yorktown Heights, NY )USA; New York; Yorktown Heights2022-07-29
IBMResearch Scientist Plasma Processing Quantum (Yorktown Heights, NY)USA; New York; Yorktown Heights2022-06-18
IBMResearch Scientist, Cryogenic Signal Integrity (Yorktown Heights, NY)USA; New York; Yorktown Heights2022-05-19
IBMResearch Scientist, Surrogate Modelling for Simulation WorkflowsUnited Kingdom; Hursley2022-07-07
IBMResearch Software Engineer, Accelerated DiscoveryUnited Kingdom; London2022-08-01
IBMResearch Software Engineer, Climate & SustainabilityUnited Kingdom; London2022-06-18
IBMResearch Software Engineer, Enablement & EducationUnited Kingdom; Hursley2022-07-30
IBMResearch Software Engineer, Enablement & EducationUnited Kingdom; London2022-07-23
IBMResearch Software Engineer, Performance Engineering for Simulation & MUnited Kingdom; London2022-06-25
IBMSoftware Developer - Quantum Compilation (Yorktown Heights, NY)USA; New York; Yorktown Heights2022-06-22
IBMSr Micro Services Developer Quantum (Remote)USA; Remote2022-05-23
IBM[IBM Japan] Research Scientist - - Hybrid Cloud and Quantum ComputingJapan; Tokyo2022-07-09
IonQContent ManagerUSA; Washington; Seattle2022-07-02
IonQDevice Test EngineerUSA; Maryland; College Park2022-01-21
IonQEvents and Community ManagerUSA; Washington; Seattle2022-06-10
IonQExecutive AssistantUSA; Maryland; College Park2022-07-03
IonQHardware Test Automation EngineerUSA; Maryland; College Park2022-05-01
IonQLead Engineer, Developer RelationsUSA; Washington; Seattle2022-03-23
IonQLead Engineer, Quantum Error CorrectionUSA; Washington; Seattle2022-06-19
IonQLead Site Reliability EngineerUSA; Washington; Seattle2022-03-26
IonQManager, Strategic SourcingUSA; Washington; Seattle2022-07-02
IonQMechanical Engineer, Integrated DevicesUSA; Maryland; College Park2022-08-07
IonQPrincipal Compiler EngineerUSA; Maryland2021-11-20
IonQPrincipal ML EngineerUSA; Washington; Seattle2022-03-22
IonQQuantum Package System LeadUSA; Maryland; College Park2022-05-21
IonQR&D Lab TechnicianUSA; Maryland; College Park2022-02-24
IonQSecurity EngineerUSA; Maryland; College Park2022-04-24
IonQSenior Accountant, Financial ReportingUSA; Maryland; College Park2022-06-01
IonQSenior Corporate ParalegalUSA; Maryland; College Park2022-08-09
IonQSenior Devops Engineer, SecurityUSA; Maryland; College Park2021-09-03
IonQSenior Engineer, Developer RelationsUSA; Remote2022-07-30
IonQSenior FPGA EngineerUSA; Maryland; College Park2022-05-25
IonQSenior Optical DesignerUSA; Washington; Seattle2022-04-09
IonQSenior Optomechanical EngineerUSA; Washington2022-01-12
IonQSenior Packaging EngineerUSA; Maryland; College Park2021-04-08
IonQSenior Photonics Device EngineerUSA; Maryland; College Park2022-03-24
IonQSenior R&D ManagerUSA; Washington; Seattle2022-04-09
IonQSenior Software Development EngineerUSA; Washington; Seattle2022-05-28
IonQSenior Software Engineer, Data ServicesUSA; Maryland2021-11-30
IonQSenior Software Engineer, Digital Signal ProcessingUSA; Maryland; College Park2022-01-01
IonQSenior Software Engineer, Quantum ControlUSA; Maryland; College Park2021-12-16
IonQSenior Software Engineer, Quantum Operating SystemsUSA; Maryland; College Park2020-08-15
IonQSenior Software Engineer, Quantum ToolsUSA; Maryland; College Park2021-04-03
IonQSenior Software Engineering Manager, Automation & CalibrationUSA; Maryland; College Park2022-04-20
IonQSenior Systems EngineerUSA; Maryland; College Park2022-06-30
IonQSenior Technical Program Manager - Quantum ApplicationsRemote2022-04-30
IonQSenior Technical RecruiterUSA; Washington; Seattle2022-07-27
IonQSoftware Engineering Manager, Quantum Operating SystemsUSA; Washington; Seattle2022-07-02
IonQSr R&D Manager (Photonics and Optical Devices)USA; Washington; Seattle2022-03-26
IonQStaff Accountant, Financial ReportingUSA; Maryland; College Park2022-06-03
IonQStaff Frontend EngineerUSA; Maryland; College Park2022-07-23
IonQStaff PCB DesignerUSA; Maryland; College Park2022-07-27
IonQStaff Physicist, R&DUSA; Maryland; College Park2022-08-12
IonQStaff Software Engineer, Automation and CalibrationUSA; Maryland; College Park2022-08-09
IonQStaff Software Engineer, Quantum ToolsUSA; Remote2022-07-30
IonQStaff Technical Program ManagerUSA; Maryland; College Park2022-08-04
IonQSystems EngineerUSA; Maryland; College Park2022-06-30
JTEC ConsultingQuantum Research PhysicistUSA; Maryland; College Park2021-02-17
KeysightCloud Architect (Expert level)Singapore; Singapore2022-02-12
KeysightExperimental Quantum Computing PhysicistUSA; Massachusetts; Cambridge2022-02-08
KeysightQuantum EngineerUSA; Washington; Everett2022-02-03
KeysightQuantum PhysicistUSA; Massachusetts; Cambridge2021-11-09
KeysightQuantum Software Engineer (Entry / Intermediate Job level)Singapore; Central Singapore2022-05-26
KeysightQuantum/EDA EngineerUSA; Washington; Everett2022-08-11
KeysightQuantum/EDA EngineerUSA; California; Santa Rosa2022-01-12
KeysightSoftware Engineer (Advanced level)Singapore; Singapore2022-02-12
KeysightSoftware Engineer (Entry / Intermediate job level)Singapore; Singapore2022-02-12
Lockheed MartinStaff Quantum Optical Research ScientistUSA; Colorado; Louisville2022-04-15
MicrosoftAzure Quantum Chief of StaffUSA; Washington; Redmond2022-07-07
MicrosoftPrincipal Quantum Software EngineerUSA; Washington; Redmond2022-05-30
MicrosoftPrincipal Quantum Software Engineering Manager Compiler and RuntimeUSA; Washington; Redmond2022-07-24
MicrosoftPrincipal Software Technical Program ManagerUSA; Washington; Redmond2022-03-27
MicrosoftQuantum Instrumentation Support Engineer IIUSA; Washington; Redmond2022-07-13
MicrosoftSenior CAD/Layout Engineer QuantumUSA; California; Santa Barbara2022-07-08
MicrosoftSenior Director, Partnerships for Chemistry and MaterialsUSA; Washington; Redmond2022-05-13
MicrosoftSenior Quantum Engineer - ASIC DesignUSA; Washington; Redmond2022-08-06
MicrosoftSenior Technical Program ManagerUSA; Washington; Redmond2022-08-09
MicrosoftSr. Marketing Communications ManagerUSA; Washington; Redmond2022-07-12
Northrop GrummanAdvanced Processing Solutions Engineers and ScientistsUSA; Maryland; Linthicum2022-06-30
Northrop GrummanAssociate Quantum Physicist / Quantum PhysicistUSA; Maryland; Linthicum2022-07-16
Northrop GrummanAssociate Transformational Physicist / Transformational PhysicistUSA; Maryland; Linthicum2022-03-05
Northrop GrummanAssociate Transformational Scientist/ Transformational ScientistUSA; Maryland; Linthicum2022-02-16
Northrop GrummanPrincipal / Sr. Principal Analog/Mixed Signal Integrated Circuit (IC) Design EngineerUSA; Maryland; Linthicum2022-07-03
Northrop GrummanPrincipal Quantum Physicist/Sr. Principal Quantum PhysicistUSA; Maryland; Linthicum2022-07-01
Northrop GrummanPrincipal Quantum Test EngineerUSA; Maryland; Linthicum2021-05-11
Northrop GrummanPrincipal Transformational Physicist / Sr. Principal Transformational PhysicistUSA; Maryland; Linthicum2022-07-30
Northrop GrummanSr. Principal Atomic PhysicistUSA; California; Woodland Hills2022-08-04
Northrop GrummanSr. Principal Quantum Test EngineerUSA; Maryland; Linthicum2022-01-29
Northrop GrummanStaff Analog Mixed Signal IC Design EngineerUSA; Maryland; Linthicum2022-04-29
NVIDIADeveloper Relations Manager, Quantum ComputingUSA; California; Palo Alto2021-07-30
NVIDIADeveloper Relations Manager, Quantum ComputingUSA; New York; New York2022-02-12
NVIDIAProduct Manager, Quantum ComputingUSA; New York; New York
USA; Texas; Austin
NVIDIAProduct Manager, Quantum ComputingUSA; California; Santa Clara2022-02-12
NVIDIAProduct Manager, Quantum Computing SoftwareUSA; California; Santa Clara
USA; Oregon; Hillsboro
NVIDIAProduct Marketing Manager - Quantum Computing SDK and LibrariesUSA; California; Santa Clara2022-04-23
NVIDIAQuantum Application EngineerUSA; California; Santa Clara2022-05-07
NVIDIAQuantum Computing Software ArchitectUSA; California; Santa Clara2021-07-31
NVIDIAResearch Scientist, Quantum Computing - New College GradUSA; California; Santa Clara2021-05-13
NVIDIASenior Math Libraries Engineer Python APIsUSA; California; Santa Clara2021-04-08
NVIDIASenior Math Libraries Engineer Quantum ComputingUSA; California; Santa Clara2021-04-14
NVIDIASenior Research Scientist, Quantum ComputingUSA; California; Santa Clara2021-04-23
NVIDIASoftware Engineer, Quantum ComputingUSA; California; Santa Clara
USA; Texas; Austin
USA; Oregon; Hillsboro
USA; Virginia; Remote
USA; New York; New York
NVIDIATechnical Marketing Engineer, Quantum Computing and HPCUSA; Virginia2022-02-12
OEwavesInside Sales RepresentativeUSA; California; Pasadena2022-06-25
PasqalBackend Software Developer CloudFrance; Palaiseau2021-06-08
PasqalDevelopment Engineer Control SoftwareFrance; Palaiseau2022-03-25
PasqalElectronics Engineer Hardware and Embedded SoftwareFrance; Palaiseau2021-08-30
PasqalIntegration Engineer Control SoftwareFrance; Palaiseau2022-03-24
PasqalJunior Quantum DeveloperFrance; Palaiseau2022-08-01
PasqalLead in Quantum ModelingFrance; Palaiseau2022-07-08
PasqalMidsenior Quantum DeveloperFrance; Palaiseau2022-08-02
PasqalProduct Owner - Cloud ServicesFrance; Palaiseau2022-08-02
PasqalPurchasing OfficerFrance; Palaiseau2022-08-02
PasqalQuality Engineer Cloud ServicesFrance; Palaiseau2022-03-19
PasqalQuantum Algorithms ScientistCanada; Other2022-08-05
PasqalQuantum Algorithms Scientist (Canada)Canada; Other2022-08-10
PasqalQuantum Applications EngineerFrance; Palaiseau2022-06-18
PasqalQuantum EngineerFrance; Palaiseau2022-07-12
PasqalQuantum Hardware EngineerFrance; Massy2020-12-02
PasqalQuantum Hardware Engineer - StrontiumFrance; Palaiseau2022-07-08
PasqalQuantum Software EngineerFrance; Palaiseau2022-07-08
PasqalSecOps EngineerFrance; Palaiseau2022-01-24
PasqalSenior Embedded Software EngineerFrance; Palaiseau2022-03-22
PasqalSenior Quantum Applications EngineerFrance; Palaiseau2022-07-08
PasqalSenior Quantum Developer/VP Quantum SimulationFrance; Palaiseau2022-08-02
PasqalSoftware Developer FrontendFrance; Massy2021-11-06
PasqalTalent Acquisition LeadFrance; Palaiseau2022-08-02
PayPalQuantum Computing ResearcherSingapore; Singapore2021-10-09
PhotodigmProcess/Manufacturing EngineerUSA; Texas; Richardson2022-07-26
Physical Sciences Corp.Atomic PhysicistUSA; Massachusetts; Boston2021-11-30
Physical Sciences Corp.Optical Physicist/Photonics EngineerUSA; Massachusetts; Boston2021-06-24
Physical Sciences Corp.Solid State Physicist/EngineerUSA; Massachusetts; Boston2021-05-29
PQSecure TechnologiesCommercial Business Development LeadRemote2021-12-02
PQSecure TechnologiesHardware/Software EngineerUSA; Florida; Boca Raton2021-12-02
PsiQuantumIC Test EngineerUSA; California; Palo Alto2021-08-28
PsiQuantumQuantum Project LeaderUSA; California; Palo Alto2022-06-25
PsiQuantumR&D Electrical Engineer (Advanced Interconnect Group)USA; California; Palo Alto2022-08-06
PsiQuantumResume Submission - EngineeringUSA; California; Palo Alto
USA; Remote
PsiQuantumResume Submission - G&AUSA; California; Palo Alto2021-08-28
Q-CTRL FederalHead of MarketingUSA; California; Santa Barbara2022-04-26
Q-CTRL FederalJunior Software Engineer (Back-end)Australia; Sydney2022-02-01
Q-CTRL FederalQuantum Sensing EngineerAustralia; Sydney2022-02-16
Q-CTRL FederalScientist, Quantum SensingAustralia; Sydney2022-03-05
Q-CTRL FederalSenior Back-end EngineerAustralia; Sydney2022-07-05
Q-CTRL FederalSenior Product ManagerUSA; California; Santa Barbara2022-05-29
Q-CTRL FederalSenior Quantum Sensing Embedded Hardware EngineerAustralia; Sydney2022-06-16
Q-CTRL FederalSenior Quantum Sensing EngineerAustralia; Sydney2021-02-17
Q-CTRL FederalSenior Quantum Solutions EngineerGermany; Berlin2022-03-09
Q-CTRL FederalSenior Research ScientistUSA; California; Santa Barbara2022-02-09
Q-CTRL FederalSenior Scientist, Quantum SensingAustralia; Sydney2022-03-05
Q-CTRL FederalSenior Software Engineer (Back-end)Australia; Sydney
Australia; Melbourne
Q-CTRL FederalSenior Software Engineer (Quantum Control US)USA; California; Santa Barbara2021-11-20
Q-CTRL FederalStaff Quantum Sensing EngineerAustralia; Sydney2022-02-02
QbloxApplication Scientist - Semiconductor QubitsNetherlands; Delft2022-01-22
QbloxApplication Scientist - Superconducting CircuitsNetherlands; Delft2022-01-22
QbloxElectrical EngineerNetherlands; Delft2021-01-25
QbloxJunior Quantum Application EngineerNetherlands; Delft2022-06-25
QbloxQuantum Application EngineerNetherlands; Delft2022-04-06
QbloxQuantum Application Engineer - Quantum NetworksNetherlands; Delft2022-01-22
QbloxSales Engineer Quantum TechnologiesNetherlands; Delft2022-07-29
QbloxSenior Embedded Software EngineerNetherlands; Delft2022-06-25
QbloxSenior HR ManagerNetherlands; Delft2022-07-29
QbloxTest Development Engineer (Hardware/Embedded)Netherlands; Delft2022-07-23
QC WareAssociate Staff Scientist in ChemistryUSA; California; Palo Alto2022-01-08
QC WareBusiness Development Executive - PharmaUSA; California; Palo Alto
France; Paris
QC WareDirector of MarketingUSA; California; Palo Alto2021-11-17
QC WareDirector of MarketingUSA; California; Palo Alto
France; Paris
QC WarePrincipal Staff Scientist - Quantum ChemistryUSA; California; Palo Alto2022-07-16
QC WareQuantum Algorithms Researcher - MLUSA; California; Palo Alto2022-07-16
QC WareQuantum Solutions EngineerUSA; California; Palo Alto2021-11-17
QC WareQuantum Solutions ScientistUSA; California; Palo Alto2021-11-23
QC WareSenior Product ManagerUSA; California; Palo Alto2022-01-12
QC WareSenior Staff Scientist in ChemistryUSA; California; Palo Alto2022-01-08
QC WareSoftware Engineer Backend/InfrastructureUSA; California; Palo Alto
France; Paris
QC WareSoftware Engineer for Quantum OptimizationUSA; California; Palo Alto2021-08-07
QC WareStaff Scientist in ChemistryUSA; California; Palo Alto2022-01-10
QryptASIC EngineerUSA; Maryland; Germantown2021-07-30
QryptBusiness Strategy AssociateUSA; New York; New York2022-07-08
QryptCloud Engineer/Cloud Systems AnalystUSA; New York; New York2021-05-15
QryptDevOps EngineerUSA; New York; New York2022-07-10
QryptDirector of Sales, GovernmentUSA; District Of Columbia; Washington2022-06-16
QryptDirector of Technical RecruitingUSA; New York; New York2022-05-18
QryptNetwork System AdministratorUSA; New York; New York2022-02-25
QryptPrincipal EngineerUSA; New York; New York2022-07-17
QryptSenior Analog Design EngineerUSA; Maryland; Germantown2022-05-07
QryptSenior Automated Test EngineerUSA; New York; New York2022-07-23
QryptSenior Software EngineerUSA; New York; New York2022-05-06
QryptSoftware Engineer - Applied CryptographyUSA; New York; New York2021-10-05
QryptSolutions EngineerUSA; New York; New York2022-07-02
QuantinuumDevOps EngineerUnited Kingdom; Cambridge2022-08-07
QuantinuumIT Desktop Support AnalystUnited Kingdom; London2022-08-06
QuantinuumIT Support ManagerUnited Kingdom; London2022-08-06
QuantinuumQuantinuum - UX/UI EngineerUSA; Colorado; Broomfield2022-01-01
QuantinuumQuantum Machine Learning ScientistUnited Kingdom; London2022-07-19
QuantinuumResearch Scientist, Quantum Algorithms (Cambridge)United Kingdom; Cambridge2022-05-14
QuantinuumResearch Software Engineer, Quantum Algorithms (Cambridge)United Kingdom; Cambridge2022-06-25
QuantinuumSales Development Representative EMEA London / GermanyUnited Kingdom; London2022-05-28
QuantinuumSenior Backend EngineerUnited Kingdom; Cambridge2022-07-16
QuantinuumSenior Software Engineer - Cloud ExperienceUnited Kingdom; London2022-07-23
QuantinuumSenior Software Engineer C++United Kingdom; London2022-07-30
QuantinuumTechnical Project Manager - Quantum Machine LearningUnited Kingdom; London2022-08-07
QuantrolOXApplied ResearcherUnited Kingdom2022-05-18
QuantrolOXApplied Researcher (2)United Kingdom2022-05-18
QuantrolOXMachine Learning Engineer Customer ProjectsFinland2022-05-18
QuantrolOXMachine Learning Engineer Customer Projects (2)Finland2022-05-18
QuantrolOXSoftware Engineer Customer ProjectsFinland2022-05-18
QuantrolOXSoftware Engineer Customer Projects (2)Finland2022-05-18
Quantum CircuitsAssembly, Integration, and Test EngineerUSA; Connecticut; New Haven2022-04-30
Quantum CircuitsEngineering Program ManagerUSA; Connecticut; New Haven2022-04-30
Quantum CircuitsFabrication EngineerUSA; Connecticut; New Haven2022-01-08
Quantum CircuitsFPGA EngineerUSA; Connecticut; New Haven2022-03-05
Quantum CircuitsQuantum Applications EngineerUSA; Connecticut; New Haven2022-01-08
Quantum CircuitsQuantum Engineer (Physicist)USA; Connecticut; New Haven2021-08-07
Quantum CircuitsQuantum Software EngineerUSA; Connecticut; New Haven2021-06-26
Quantum CircuitsSenior Control System TechnicianUSA; Connecticut; New Haven2022-04-30
Quantum CircuitsSoftware EngineerUSA; Connecticut; New Haven2022-06-25
Quantum Computing ReportContributorRemote2020-07-18
Quantum Computing ReportSocial Media Coordinator Part-timeRemote2020-11-15
Quantum Computing ReportTechnology Editor Part TimeRemote2020-11-15
Quantum MachinesAdministrative SpecialistIsrael; Tel Aviv2021-11-13
Quantum MachinesAlgorithm EngineerIsrael; Tel Aviv2021-11-13
Quantum MachinesExperimental Physicist for Product teamIsrael; Tel Aviv2021-11-13
Quantum MachinesHead of Sales, EMEAGermany; Bielefeld2021-10-18
Quantum MachinesLinux Software Group ManagerIsrael; Tel Aviv2021-11-13
Quantum MachinesOperations Program managerIsrael; Tel Aviv2021-11-13
Quantum MachinesOperations Project AnalystIsrael; Tel Aviv2021-11-13
Quantum MachinesQuantum Algorithms DeveloperIsrael; Tel Aviv2021-11-13
Quantum MachinesSales AnalystIsrael; Tel Aviv2021-11-13
Quantum MachinesSenior Full Stack DeveloperGermany; Bielefeld2022-05-11
Quantum MachinesShipping CoordinatorIsrael; Tel Aviv2021-11-13
Quantum MachinesSystem Validation Engineer Stuttgart-Germany; Bielefeld2022-05-11
Quantum MachinesTechnical Project ManagerIsrael; Tel Aviv2021-11-13
Quantum Valley Ideas LabEngineers or Applied Scientists in Quantum TechnologiesCanada; Ontario; Waterloo2021-02-27
Quantum Valley Ideas LabQuantum Technologies Postdoctoral FellowCanada; Ontario; Waterloo2021-02-17
Quantum Valley Ideas LabSenior Engineers or Applied Scientists in Quantum TechnologiesCanada; Ontario; Waterloo2021-02-27
QubitekkOptical EngineerUSA; California; Vista2022-03-05
QuEra ComputingAccountingUSA; Massachusetts; Boston2022-04-11
QuEra ComputingAMO Theoretical PhysicistUSA; Massachusetts; Boston2021-09-25
QuEra ComputingAssociate Quantum EngineerUSA; Massachusetts; Boston2022-03-25
QuEra ComputingBusiness DevelopmentUSA; Massachusetts; Boston2021-09-22
QuEra ComputingElectrical Engineer (Embedded Systems)USA; Massachusetts; Boston2021-09-22
QuEra ComputingElectrical Engineer (Mixed Signal and Microwave)USA; Massachusetts; Boston2021-09-17
QuEra ComputingElectrical Engineer I/IIUSA; Massachusetts; Boston2022-04-09
QuEra ComputingHuman Resources (HR)USA; Massachusetts; Boston2022-04-11
QuEra ComputingLaboratory ManagerUSA; Massachusetts; Boston2022-04-11
QuEra ComputingOptical System EngineerUSA; Massachusetts; Boston2022-06-16
QuEra ComputingOpto-mechanical EngineerUSA; Massachusetts; Boston2021-12-08
QuEra ComputingPhotonics EngineerUSA; Massachusetts; Boston2022-04-15
QuEra ComputingQuantum Algorithms and Applications PhysicistUSA; Massachusetts; Boston2021-09-25
QuEra ComputingQuantum Operations TechnicianUSA; Massachusetts; Boston2021-09-18
QuEra ComputingResearch Scientist (Quantum Error Correction)USA; Massachusetts; Boston2022-04-09
QuEra ComputingResearch Scientist - Quantum ChemistryUSA; Massachusetts; Boston2022-05-26
QuEra ComputingScientific Software EngineerUSA; Massachusetts; Boston2021-12-11
QuEra ComputingSenior Hardware EngineerUSA; Massachusetts; Boston2021-09-21
QuEra ComputingSenior Quantum EngineerUSA; Massachusetts; Boston2022-03-25
QuEra ComputingSoftware EngineerUSA; Massachusetts; Boston2022-05-25
QuEra ComputingSoftware Engineer (Quantum Computing Service)USA; Massachusetts; Boston2022-01-18
QuEra ComputingSoftware Engineer (Quantum Controls)USA; Massachusetts; Boston2021-09-22
QuintessenceLabsTechnical Customer Success Analyst (TCSA) United StatesUSA2022-07-28
Rigetti ComputingControl System Electrical EngineerUSA; California; Berkeley2022-05-26
Rigetti ComputingDirector, Hardware EngineeringUSA; California; Berkeley2022-06-30
Rigetti ComputingDirector, Investor RelationsUSA; Remote2022-08-04
Rigetti ComputingElectrical Engineer - Control SystemsUSA; California; Berkeley2020-08-29
Rigetti ComputingElectrical Engineer, Cryo/RFUSA; California; Berkeley2021-10-31
Rigetti ComputingHardware Operations EngineerUSA; California; Berkeley2022-07-16
Rigetti ComputingHardware Test Engineer, Cryo/RFUSA; California; Berkeley2021-10-30
Rigetti ComputingLayout Engineer, RF Signal DeliveryUSA; California; Fremont2022-07-16
Rigetti ComputingMaterials and Process Engineer - PCB/Flex Assembly and ManufacturingUSA; California; Fremont2022-07-12
Rigetti ComputingMechanical Engineer, 3D PackagingUSA; California; Berkeley2021-05-20
Rigetti ComputingQuantum Engineer - Hardware Focus (UK)United Kingdom; Oxford2022-07-23
Rigetti ComputingQuantum Engineer - Hardware Focus (UK)United Kingdom; London2022-07-20
Rigetti ComputingQuantum Engineer - Hardware Integration and Scaling TechnologyUSA; California; Berkeley2021-08-21
Rigetti ComputingQuantum Engineer, Circuit DesignUSA; California; Fremont2022-03-25
Rigetti ComputingResearch Engineer, Quantum Algorithms and ApplicationsUSA; Remote2022-05-26
Rigetti ComputingSenior AccountantUSA; Remote2022-06-24
Rigetti ComputingSenior Cybersecurity EngineerRemote2022-01-27
Rigetti ComputingSenior Process and Integration Engineer, Quantum ICsUSA; California; Fremont2022-07-16
Rigetti ComputingSenior Quantum EngineerUSA; California; Berkeley2022-07-19
Rigetti ComputingSenior Research Engineer, Quantum Algorithms and ApplicationsUSA; Remote2022-05-26
Rigetti ComputingTest Engineer, Cryo-RFUSA; California; Berkeley2021-10-23
RiverlaneDevOps EngineerUnited Kingdom; Cambridge2022-08-09
RiverlaneDigital Design EngineerUnited Kingdom; Cambridge2022-06-14
RiverlanePython Software EngineerUnited Kingdom; Cambridge2022-08-06
RiverlaneQuantum Error Correction ResearcherUnited Kingdom; Cambridge2022-03-06
RiverlaneQuantum ScientstUnited Kingdom; Cambridge2022-07-23
RiverlaneResearch Scientist/Senior Research Scientist (USA)USA; Massachusetts; Cambridge2022-06-14
RiverlaneSenior DevOps EngineerUnited Kingdom; Cambridge2022-08-09
RiverlaneSenior Digital Design EngineerUnited Kingdom; Cambridge2022-05-30
RiverlaneSoftware Engineer/Senior Software EngineerUnited Kingdom; Cambridge2022-06-14
SandboxAQAdministrative Business PartnerUSA; Remote2022-06-13
SandboxAQPhD Residency - Security EngineerUSA; California; San Francisco2022-06-25
SandboxAQPhD Residency - Tensor Networks for Computational ChemistryUSA; California; San Francisco2022-08-12
SandboxAQPre-Sales Technical EngineerUSA; Remote2022-06-13
SandboxAQSenior Cloud & IT Systems ArchitectUSA; Remote2022-06-13
SandboxAQTechnical Product ManagerUSA; California; San Francisco2022-07-02
SandboxAQTechnical Security Consultant / Solutions ArchitectUSA; Remote2022-06-13
SRI InternationalExperimental PhysicistUSA; New Jersey; Princeton2022-07-02
SRI InternationalProject & Operations Manager, QED-CUSA; Virginia; Arlington2022-06-02
SRI InternationalResearch Engineer, Photonics and Quantum PrototypesUSA; New Jersey; Princeton2021-10-13
SRI InternationalResearch Physicist, Atomic-Molecular-Optical (AMO) PhysicsUSA; New Jersey; Princeton2021-02-18
SRI InternationalSemiconductor and Photonic Device Research ScientistUSA; New Jersey; Princeton2021-08-20
TOPTICA PhotonicsSenior Project Manager 1 Hz Laser SystemsGermany; Graefelfing2022-07-14
Toshiba CorpBusiness Development ManagerUnited Kingdom; Cambridge2021-06-15
Toshiba CorpFirmware EngineerUnited Kingdom; Cambridge2022-01-31
Toshiba CorpIndustrial CASE PhD Studentship in Next Generation Quantum Communication SystemsUnited Kingdom; Cambridge2022-06-21
Toshiba CorpIndustrial CASE PhD Studentship in Satellite Quantum CommunicationsUnited Kingdom; Cambridge2022-03-22
Toshiba CorpKey Account Manager - QTUnited Kingdom; Cambridge2022-07-17
Toshiba CorpOptical Assembly TechnicianUnited Kingdom; Cambridge2022-01-30
Toshiba CorpProduct Development ManagerUnited Kingdom; Cambridge2021-05-28
Toshiba CorpQuantum Technical Marketing ManagerUSA; California; Irvine2021-05-08
Toshiba CorpResearch Scientist - Chip based Quantum CommunicationsUnited Kingdom; Cambridge2022-03-01
Toshiba CorpResearch Scientist - CryptographyUnited Kingdom; Cambridge2022-03-01
Toshiba CorpResearch Scientist - Quantum Light DetectorsUnited Kingdom; Cambridge2022-04-26
Toshiba CorpResearch Scientist - Quantum Optical SystemsUnited Kingdom; Cambridge2021-06-29
Toshiba CorpResearch Scientist / Engineer - High Speed Electronics for Quantum ImagingUnited Kingdom; Cambridge2021-05-26
Toshiba CorpSenior Systems Software EngineerUnited Kingdom; Cambridge2022-01-31
Toshiba CorpService and Installation EngineerUnited Kingdom; Cambridge2022-01-29
Toshiba CorpTAI-Technical Marketing ManagerUSA; California; Irvine2021-03-10
Unitary FundAdministrator (Part-time)Remote2021-02-08
Unitary FundMember of Technical StaffRemote2021-03-13
Universities Space Research AssociationAssociate Scientist, QuantumUSA; California; Mountain View2022-03-12
Universities Space Research AssociationResearch Assistant, QuantumUSA; California; Mountain View2022-07-29
Universities Space Research AssociationScientist, QuantumUSA; Maryland; Columbia2020-11-15
Vescent PhotonicsProcess Engineer Electro-Optical ManufacturingUSA; Colorado; Golden2021-04-12
Vescent PhotonicsProduction TechnicianUSA; Colorado; Golden2021-04-12
Vescent PhotonicsProgram ManagerUSA; Colorado; Golden2021-04-12
Vescent PhotonicsStaff Scientist Laser DevelopmentUSA; Colorado; Golden2021-04-12
XairosComputer Software EngineerUSA; Colorado; Denver2022-06-25
XairosQuantum Optics LeadUSA; Colorado; Denver2022-06-25
XanaduInfrastructure Engineer - CloudCanada; Ontario; Toronto2022-07-14
XanaduInfrastructure Engineer - On PremCanada; Ontario; Toronto2022-08-02
XanaduInfrastructure SpecialistCanada; Ontario; Toronto2022-02-08
XanaduIT TechnicianCanada; Ontario; Toronto2022-08-08
XanaduOperations AdministratorCanada; Ontario; Toronto2022-08-08
XanaduPatent EngineerCanada; Ontario; Toronto2022-01-29
XanaduProduct Manager - Web and DocumentationCanada; Ontario; Toronto2022-05-13
XanaduQuantum Algorithms ResearcherCanada; Ontario; Toronto2021-06-03
XanaduQuantum Computing EducatorCanada; Ontario; Toronto2021-07-17
XanaduQuantum Error Correction Research Software DeveloperCanada; Ontario; Toronto2022-08-02
XanaduQuantum Optics Research Software DeveloperCanada; Ontario; Toronto2022-07-12
XanaduQuantum Software DeveloperCanada; Ontario; Toronto2021-05-26
XanaduSenior Electrical EngineerCanada; Ontario; Toronto2021-12-24
XanaduSoftware DeveloperCanada; Ontario; Toronto2022-02-23
XanaduSoftware Development Manager - Quantum SoftwareCanada; Ontario; Toronto2022-07-01
Zapata ComputingAssistant Manager, Marketing ProjectsUSA; Massachusetts; Boston2022-08-02
Zapata ComputingControllerUSA; Massachusetts; Boston2022-07-29
Zapata ComputingData Engineer - remoteUSA; Massachusetts; Boston2022-03-24
Zapata ComputingJr. Quantum Application ScientistUSA; Massachusetts; Boston2021-10-09
Zapata ComputingQuantum Platform Engineering ManagerUSA; Massachusetts; Boston2021-05-22
Zapata ComputingQuantum Research ScientistUSA; Massachusetts; Boston2021-05-18
Zapata ComputingSenior Quantum Scientist - QML focusedUSA; Massachusetts; Boston2021-06-03
Zapata ComputingSoftware Engineer (Golang) - RemoteUSA; Massachusetts; Boston2022-07-12
Zapata ComputingSoftware Engineer - RemoteUSA; Remote2022-07-03
Zapata ComputingSoftware Product Designer (UX)USA; Massachusetts; Boston2021-05-22
Zapata ComputingVisual Analytics EngineerUSA; Remote2022-06-30
OrganizationPositionLinkLocationDate Added
Auburn UniversityAssistant Professor - MicroelectronicsUSA; Alabama; Auburn2022-06-19
Auburn UniversityAssistant Research Professor - Quantum ChemistryUSA; Alabama; Auburn2022-04-22
Georgia Institute of TechnologyMechanical Engineer: Quantum Systems Division-CIPHERUSA; Georgia; Atlanta2022-05-18
Georgia Institute of TechnologyPostdoctoral Fellow - Atomic Quantum Nanophotonic Devices (Multiple Openings)USA; Georgia; Atlanta2022-07-20
Georgia Institute of TechnologyQuantum Applied Physicist -CIPHERUSA; Georgia; Atlanta2022-07-28
Georgia Institute of TechnologyQuantum Systems Research Assistant Fall 2022 - CIPHERUSA; Georgia; Atlanta2022-07-09
Hampton UniversityAssistant or Associate ProfessorUSA; Virginia; Hampton2022-06-19
Harvard UniversityDirector of Education and Scientific Outreach, Harvard Quantum InitiativeUSA; Massachusetts; Cambridge2022-01-29
Harvard UniversityPostdoc in Analysis of Novel Quantum Materials with Electron Microscopy TechniquesUSA; Massachusetts; Cambridge2021-07-06
Harvard UniversityPostdoctoral Fellow in Material Science & Mechanical EngineeringUSA; Massachusetts; Cambridge2022-06-25
Howard UniversityPost Doctoral FellowUSA; District Of Columbia; Washington2021-11-21
Howard UniversityProfessor (Open Rank) - Computer ScienceUSA; District Of Columbia; Washington2021-02-23
Howard UniversityResearch ScientistUSA; District Of Columbia; Washington2022-06-25
Indiana UniversityPostdoctoral Fellow (Quantum Chemistry)USA; Indiana; Bloomington2022-08-11
Lehigh UniversityPostdoc Opportunity - Quantum computingUSA; Pennsylvania; Bethlehem2020-11-15
Montana State UniversityFoundry Scientist and Liaison (Non-Tenure Track Faculty)USA; Montana; Bozeman2021-12-03
North Carolina State UniversityAssistant/Associate ProfessorUSA; North Carolina; Raleigh2022-03-22
North Carolina State UniversityGoodnight Distinguished Chair in Quantum ComputingUSA; North Carolina; Raleigh2021-11-03
North Carolina State UniversityPostdoctoral Research ScholarUSA; North Carolina; Raleigh2022-07-01
Northeastern UniversityOpen Rank: Assistant/Associate/Full Professor - Multidisciplinary/Quantum InitiativeUSA; Massachusetts; Burlington2022-03-25
Northwestern UniversityTenure Track Assistant or Associate Professor in Quantum InformationUSA; Illinois; Evanston2021-11-08
Purdue UniversityEpitaxy Research ScientistUSA; Indiana; West Lafayette2022-07-08
Purdue UniversityPost Doc Research Associate Physics & AstronomyUSA; Indiana; West Lafayette2021-03-21
Purdue UniversityPost Doc Research Associate Physics & AstronomyUSA; Indiana; West Lafayette2022-05-03
Purdue UniversityPost Doctoral Research Associate Physics & AstronomyUSA; Indiana; West Lafayette2022-07-12
Purdue UniversityPostdoc (Experiment) - Superconducting Qubits for Analog Quantum Simulation and Sensing - PurdueUSA; Indiana; WestLafayette2021-11-08
Purdue UniversityResearch Scientist, Quantum Information SciencesUSA; Indiana; West Lafayette2022-07-08
SUNY PolytechnicEmpire Innovation Assistant/Associate/Full Professor of Quantum ComputingUSA; New York; Albany2022-03-24
SUNY PolytechnicResearch Scientist - Quantum TechnologiesUSA2020-12-14
Texas A&MPostdoctoral ResearcherUSA; Texas; College Station2022-04-06
Texas A&MResearch: Open RankUSA; Texas; College Station2021-02-27
Texas A&MResearch: Open RankUSA; Texas; College Station2021-02-21
University of ArizonaAdministrative Director, Center for Quantum NetworksUSA; Arizona; Tucson2021-03-22
University of ArizonaAssistant ProfessorUSA; Arizona; Tucson2021-09-09
University of ArizonaAssistant Professor (Updated)USA; Arizona; Tucson2021-09-21
University of ArizonaJohn Paul Schaefer Endowed Chair in Optical Sciences-Assistant/Associate/Full Professor T/TEUSA; Arizona; Tucson2021-03-15
University of ArizonaPostdoctoral Research Associate IUSA; Arizona; Tucson2022-03-09
University of ArizonaResearch Laboratory Assistant (Extended Temporary)USA; Arizona; Tucson2022-07-28
University of ArizonaResearcher (Part Time) (Temporary)USA; Arizona; Tucson2022-02-25
University of ArizonaResearcher/Scientist IIIUSA; Arizona; Tucson2021-10-06
University of ArizonaResearcher/Scientist IVUSA; Arizona; Tucson2021-10-18
University of ArizonaSPIE Endowed Chair in Optical SciencesUSA; Arizona; Tucson2021-02-21
University of ArizonaVisiting Assistant ProfessorUSA; Arizona; Tucson2022-04-05
University of California-Los AngelesStaff Research AssociateUSA; California; Santa Barbara2022-08-05
University of Chicago, Chicago Quantum ExchangeAssistant Director of Industry PartnershipsUSA; Illinois; Chicago2021-08-15
University of Colorado BoulderPostdoctoral AssociateUSA; Colorado; Boulder2021-02-20
University of Colorado BoulderProfessional Research AssistantUSA; Colorado; Boulder2022-02-16
University of Colorado BoulderResearch AssociateUSA; Colorado; Boulder2022-08-02
University of DelawarePost Doctoral Researcher, Quantum Materials & Engineering GroupUSA; Delaware; Newark2021-02-21
University of IllinoisAssistant Director, IQUIST - Materials Research LaboratoryUSA; Illinois; Urbana2022-07-25
University of MarylandAssistant ProfessorUSA; Maryland; College Park2022-03-21
University of MarylandDirector of EngineeringUSA; Maryland; College Park2022-07-26
University of MarylandExecutive Director of the Idea FactoryUSA; Maryland; College Park2022-04-05
University of MarylandOpen RankUSA; Maryland; College Park2022-03-22
University of OklahomaAMO Postdoctoral FellowshipUSA; Oklahoma; Norman2022-06-15
University of OklahomaAMO Research ScientistUSA; Oklahoma; Norman2022-06-15
University of OklahomaDodge Family Postdoctoral Research FellowUSA; Oklahoma; Norman2022-02-14
University of OklahomaDodge Family Research ScientistUSA; Oklahoma; Norman2022-02-14
University of OklahomaFaculty Position in Experimental Atomic, Molecular, and Optical PhysicsUSA; Oklahoma; Norman2021-10-09
University of OklahomaTenure Track Assistant Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering: Quantum TechnologyUSA; Oklahoma; Norman2021-03-27
University of OklahomaTenure Track Asst Prof Elect & Comp Eng/Quantum Tech/University of OklahomaUSA; Oklahoma; Norman2021-11-09
University of Tennessee - ChattanoogaAssistant Professor - Device Physics, Fall 2022USA; Tennessee; Knoxville2021-10-29
University of Tennessee - ChattanoogaAssistant Professor - Experimental Condensed Matter Physics, Fall 2022USA; Tennessee; Knoxville2021-10-29
University of Tennessee - ChattanoogaAssistant Professor - QI_QC_QM, Fall 2022USA; Tennessee; Knoxville2021-10-29
University of Tennessee - ChattanoogaPost-Doct Research AssocUSA; Tennessee; Knoxville2022-07-29
University of WashingtonAssociate Professor, Tenure Track, in Quantum Information Science and TechnologyUSA; Washington; Seattle2021-12-19
University of WashingtonPostdoctoral Scholar Positions - InQubator for Quantum SimulationUSA; Washington; Seattle2021-11-15
University of WashingtonResearch Assistant Professor - Quantum Simulation of Quantum SystemsUSA; Washington; Seattle2021-11-15
University of WisconsinAssistant ProfessorUSA; Wisconsin; Madison2021-12-22
University of WisconsinAssistant Professor-Quantum Materials ComputationUSA; Wisconsin; Madison2021-12-03
University of WisconsinAssociate Professor-Quantum Materials ComputationUSA; Wisconsin; Madison2022-05-10
Virginia TechAssistant Professor of Mathematics of Quantum Algorithms, Coding, or CryptographyUSA; Virginia; Blacksburg2021-11-17
Virginia TechOpen Rank - Physics ResearchersUSA; Virginia; Blacksburg2021-07-03
Virginia TechOpen Rank Faculty Position in Theoretical Quantum Information ScienceUSA; Virginia; Blacksburg2021-11-14
Virginia TechPostdoctoral AssociateUSA; Virginia; Blacksburg2022-06-01
Virginia TechPostdoctoral Associate/Senior Research Associate - PhysicsUSA; Virginia; Blacksburg2022-04-09
Virginia TechResearch Faculty Open Rank SDDUSA; Virginia; Blacksburg2022-05-26
OrganizationPositionLinkLocationDate Added
Brookhaven National LaboratoryPostdoctoral Research Associate Cryo-EM on Quantum MaterialsUSA; New York; Upton2022-01-21
Brookhaven National LaboratoryPostdoctoral Research Associate for X-ray Pair Distribution Function AnalysisUSA; New York; Upton2021-08-04
Brookhaven National LaboratoryPostdoctoral Research Associate Quantum MaterialsUSA; New York; Upton2022-05-18
Brookhaven National LaboratoryQuantum Computing ScientistUSA; New York; Upton2022-01-22
Brookhaven National LaboratoryQuantum Materials EngineerUSA; New York; Upton2022-07-03
Brookhaven National LaboratoryScientist Quantum Information ScienceUSA; New York; Upton2022-06-29
Brookhaven National LaboratorySenior ASIC Design EngineerUSA; New York; Upton2022-01-06
Fermi National Accelerator LaboratoryCarolyn B. Parker FellowshipUSA; Illinois; Batavia2021-11-14
Fermi National Accelerator LaboratoryQuantum computing engineerUSA; Illinois; Batavia2022-06-03
Fermi National Accelerator LaboratoryResearch AssociateUSA; Illinois; Batavia2022-07-30
Fermi National Accelerator LaboratoryResearch AssociateUSA; Illinois; Batavia2022-06-03
Lawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryAdvanced Quantum Testbed Project ScientistUSA; California; San Francisco2021-02-27
Lawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryNanofabrication Facility Staff ScientistUSA; California; San Francisco2022-04-22
Lawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryPostdoctoral FellowUSA; California; San Francisco2021-05-01
Lawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryQuantum Computing Postdoctoral FellowUSA; California; San Francisco2022-03-25
Lawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryQuantum Information Science Program ManagerUSA; California; San Francisco2022-08-03
Lawrence Livermore National LaboratoryComputational ChemistUSA; California; Livermore2021-10-14
Lawrence Livermore National LaboratoryHigh Energy Density Science - Postdoctoral ResearcherUSA; California; Livermore2022-05-17
Lawrence Livermore National LaboratoryHigh Precision Nuclear Decay Measurements with Magnetic Quantum Sensors - Postdoctoral ResearcherUSA; California; Livermore2022-06-16
Lawrence Livermore National LaboratoryMachine-Learning Driven Prediction of Next Generation Additive Manufacturing Inks - Postdoctoral ResearcherUSA; California; Livermore2021-10-08
Lawrence Livermore National LaboratoryQuantum Simulations - Postdoctoral ResearcherUSA; California; Livermore2022-04-22
Lawrence Livermore National LaboratorySuperconducting Quantum Device Fabrication - Postdoctoral ResearcherUSA; California; Livermore2021-11-10
Los Alamos National LaboratoryAdministrative Assistant 3/4USA; New Mexico; Los Alamos2022-07-08
Los Alamos National LaboratoryDigital Quantum Simulations for Dynamical Quantum Matter PostdocUSA; New Mexico; Los Alamos2022-07-16
Los Alamos National LaboratoryDiscovering Quantum Anomalies Through Strain Experimental and Theoretical Graduate Research AssistantsUSA; New Mexico; Los Alamos2022-07-20
Los Alamos National LaboratoryDiscovering Quantum Anomalies Through Strain Transport and Nanofabrication Experimental Postdoctoral Research AssociatesUSA; New Mexico; Los Alamos2022-07-22
Los Alamos National LaboratoryDiscovering Quantum Anomalies Through Strain Ultrafast Optical Characterization Postdoctoral Research AssociateUSA; New Mexico; Los Alamos2022-07-23
Los Alamos National LaboratoryExperimental Postdoctoral Associate Researcher in THz nanoplasmonicsUSA; New Mexico; Los Alamos2022-07-26
Los Alamos National LaboratoryExperimental Postdoctoral Research Associate in Quantum MetasurfaceUSA; New Mexico; Los Alamos2022-02-19
Los Alamos National LaboratoryPhysics and Chemistry of Materials PostdocUSA; New Mexico; Los Alamos2021-05-04
Los Alamos National LaboratoryR&D Manager 3 (Deputy Group Leader)USA; New Mexico; Los Alamos2022-08-06
Los Alamos National LaboratorySynthetic Chemist Post Bachelor StudentUSA; New Mexico; Los Alamos2022-02-18
Los Alamos National LaboratoryTheory of Quantum Matter Scientist (Scientist 2/3)USA; New Mexico; Los Alamos2022-02-26
Los Alamos National LaboratoryTheory Postdoc in Quantum MetasurfacesUSA; New Mexico; Los Alamos2022-02-11
Los Alamos National LaboratoryTheory Postdoctoral Associate ResearcherUSA; New Mexico; Los Alamos2022-07-24
Los Alamos National LaboratoryUltrafast Optical Scientist 3/4USA; New Mexico; Los Alamos2022-04-15
MITRE CorporationQuantum Technologies SpecialistUSA; Virginia; McLean2021-02-17
NASAAtomic Clocks and Quantum SensorsUSA; California; Pasadena2022-02-01
NASADevelopment of Semiconductor Lasers for Absorption SpectroscopyUSA; California; Pasadena2022-02-01
NASADevelopment of Single Cooper Pair Boxes for Quantum Computing and Photo-detectionUSA; California; Pasadena2022-02-01
NASAFundamental Physics Program ScientistUSA; District Of Columbia; Washington
USA; Remote
NASAHigh-Sensitivity Far-IR DetectorsUSA; California; Pasadena2022-02-01
NASALaser-Cooled Optical Clocks and Quantum Sensors for Space ApplicationsUSA; California; Pasadena2022-02-01
NASAMiniaturized instruments enabled by nanomaterials for future space missionsUSA; Mississippi; Greenbelt2022-02-01
NASAQuantum Communication ResearcherUSA; Ohio; Cleveland2022-07-04
NASASolid State Laser Materials DevelopmentUSA; Virginia; Hampton2022-07-04
NASATHz heterodyne detectors for spaceUSA; California; Pasadena2022-02-01
National Institute of Standards and TechnologyPhysicistUSA; Maryland; Gaithersburg2022-08-09
National Institute of Standards and TechnologyQuantum AlgorithmsUSA2022-01-29
National Institute of Standards and TechnologyQuantum CharacterizationUSA; Colorado; Boulder2022-01-15
Oak Ridge National LaboratoryDirector, Materials Science and Technology DivisionUSA; Tennessee; Oak Ridge2022-07-12
Oak Ridge National LaboratoryGroup Leader, Quantum Communications and NetworkingUSA; Tennessee; Oak Ridge2022-07-29
Oak Ridge National LaboratoryGroup Leader, Quantum Computing and SensingUSA; Tennessee; Oak Ridge2022-07-29
Oak Ridge National LaboratoryHPC Engineer, User AssistanceUSA; Tennessee; Oak Ridge2022-06-14
Oak Ridge National LaboratoryHPC Engineer, User Assistance (Entry Level)USA; Tennessee; Oak Ridge2022-08-05
Oak Ridge National LaboratorymilliKelvin Scanning Tunneling Microscopy - R&D AssociateUSA; Tennessee; Oak Ridge2022-07-09
Oak Ridge National LaboratoryPostdoctoral Research Associate - Autonomous Scanning Probe MicroscopyUSA; Tennessee; Oak Ridge2022-08-03
Oak Ridge National LaboratoryPostdoctoral Research Associate - Machine Learning for Neutron DiffractionUSA; Tennessee; Oak Ridge2022-08-10
Oak Ridge National LaboratoryPostdoctoral Research Associate - Many-body Methods Applied to Correlated and Topological MaterialsUSA; Tennessee; Oak Ridge2022-05-14
Oak Ridge National LaboratoryPostdoctoral Research Associate - Neutron Scattering Studies of Quantum MaterialsUSA; Tennessee; Oak Ridge2022-07-07
Oak Ridge National LaboratoryPostdoctoral Research Associate - Photon-based SpectroscopyUSA; Tennessee; Oak Ridge2022-08-09
Oak Ridge National LaboratoryPostdoctoral Research Associate - Quantum BiosensingUSA; Tennessee; Oak Ridge2022-07-20
Oak Ridge National LaboratoryPostdoctoral Research Associate - Quantum Information ScienceUSA; Tennessee; Oak Ridge2022-08-01
Oak Ridge National LaboratoryPostdoctoral Research Associate - Quantum NetworkingUSA; Tennessee; Oak Ridge2022-06-22
Oak Ridge National LaboratoryPostdoctoral Research Associate - Quantum SensingUSA; Tennessee; Oak Ridge2022-08-09
Oak Ridge National LaboratoryPostdoctoral Research Associate - STEM for Quantum and Energy MaterialsUSA; Tennessee; Oak Ridge2022-08-03
Oak Ridge National LaboratoryResearch Scientist - Causal Machine Learning and Materials SimulationsUSA; Tennessee; Oak Ridge2022-07-20
Oak Ridge National LaboratoryResearch Scientist - Quantum CommunicationsUSA; Tennessee; Oak Ridge2022-07-13
Oak Ridge National LaboratoryResearch Scientist - Quantum Information Science, Experimental Ion TrapUSA; Tennessee; Oak Ridge2020-12-04
Oak Ridge National LaboratoryResearch Scientist - Quantum Information Science, Experimental Quantum Optics and SensingUSA; Tennessee; Oak Ridge2022-03-19
Oak Ridge National LaboratoryResearch Scientist, Quantum NetworkingUSA; Tennessee; Oak Ridge2022-06-23
Oak Ridge National LaboratorySenior Quantum ScientistUSA; Tennessee; Oak Ridge2022-08-05
Pacific Northwest National LaboratorySenior Computational Metabolomics ScientistUSA; Washington; Richland2022-07-09
Sandia National LaboratoriesMulti-Physics Modeling - Postdoctoral AppointeeUSA; New Mexico; Albuquerque2022-08-09
Sandia National LaboratoriesPostdoctoral Appointee - Advanced Electronic and Optoelectronic MaterialsUSA; New Mexico; Albuquerque2022-07-13
Sandia National LaboratoriesPostdoctoral Appointee - AMO PhysicistUSA; New Mexico; Albuquerque2022-07-18
Sandia National LaboratoriesPostdoctoral Appointee - Ion Beam Postdoc Exploring Machine Learning Methods for Advanced Fabrication of Semiconductor Materials and DevicesUSA; New Mexico; Albuquerque2022-07-09
Sandia National LaboratoriesPostdoctoral Appointee - Quantum Computing ExperimentalistUSA; New Mexico; Albuquerque2022-06-16
Sandia National LaboratoriesPostdoctoral Appointee in Quantum Optics and Quantum SensingUSA; New Mexico; Albuquerque2022-07-29
Sandia National LaboratoriesPostdoctoral Appointee Nano-scale Electromagnetic Field Imaging Based on Photoelectron MicroscopyUSA; New Mexico; Albuquerque2022-07-12
Sandia National LaboratoriesQuantum Phononics Transport and Transduction Postdoctoral PositionUSA; New Mexico; Albuquerque2022-01-02
Sandia National LaboratoriesR&D Materials Scientist -Advanced Semiconductor MaterialsUSA; New Mexico; Albuquerque2022-07-21
US Air Force AcademyInstitute for Future Conflict (IFC) Quantum Computing Post-doctorateUSA; Colorado; Colorado Springs2022-06-04
OrganizationPositionLinkLocationDate Added
DRS Daylight SolutionsIntern - Software Engineering (Fall 2022)USA; Ohio; Beavercreek2022-07-26
Fermi National Accelerator LaboratorySQMS Quantum Undergraduate InternshipUSA; Illinois; Batavia2021-03-30
Fermi National Accelerator LaboratorySummer ASIC Design AssociateUSA; Illinois; Batavia2022-06-03
NVIDIAQuantum Computing Simulation Software InternUSA; California; Santa Clara2021-04-07
QbloxQuantum Internet InternshipNetherlands; Delft2022-07-29
QC WareQuantum Algorithms InternUSA; California; Palo Alto
France; Paris
Quantum Valley Ideas LabQuantum Navigation (Co-op)Canada; Ontario; Waterloo2022-08-06
SandboxAQPhD Residency - Machine Learning/AIUSA; Remote2022-06-13
SandboxAQPhD Residency - Quantum Sensing - Biomedical DevicesUSA; Remote2022-06-13
SandboxAQPhD Residency - Quantum Sensing - Navigation and DefenseUSA; Remote2022-06-13
SandboxAQPhD Residency - Simulation and OptimizationUSA; Remote2022-06-13
Triton SystemsUniversity Internships - GeneralUSA; Massachusetts; Chelmsford2022-07-26
Universities Space Research AssociationFeynman Quantum Academy - Internship ProgramUSA; Maryland; Columbia2020-11-15
XanaduXanadu Residency ProgramCanada; Ontario; Toronto2020-11-15