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  • Quantum patents part 2: quantum communications

    Published: October 1

    by Elliott Mason, PhD My prior article looked at trends in quantum computing patents. This second installment focuses on patent trends for quantum communications over the past decade, 2011–2020. The data detail patents and patent applications reported by patent offices worldwide by publication date. Patent trends for quantum communications are generally similar to those for Read more...

  • How quantum computing can benefit businesses

    Published: August 30

    For years, quantum computing has been touted as the future of cutting-edge technology. In fact, a report by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) shows that equity investments in quantum computing nearly tripled in 2020, and is expected to become even busier in 2021. The interest isn’t solely from the financial sector; governments, research centers, and universities are Read more...

  • Netherlands – US quantum industry virtual roundtable

    Published: August 4

    Quantum is global, has always been global. This premise was the starting point for a meeting organized by QED-C and Quantum Delta NL (QDNL) on trans-Atlantic collaboration in a growing quantum industry. The meeting signals the interest in the US and the Netherlands in the emerging quantum technology economy, and in finding mechanisms to build Read more...

  • Cryogenic advances a must for quantum technology applications

    Published: July 12

    Advances in quantum information science and technology (QIST) point to applications in communications, sensors for biomedicine and computational tools for managing finance, emergency response, transportation and the electric grid.  Many of the systems that will enable these applications will require cryogenic technologies that do not yet exist. Even doing the research to develop useful computers, Read more...

  • Trends in quantum computing patents

    Published: May 24

    by Elliott Mason, PhD This article presents global quantum computing patent trends over the past decade. The data details patents and patent applications reported by patent offices worldwide with publication dates since 2010. Data on the total number of patents and top patent filers are shown.  In addition, the volume of patents by country in Read more...

  • What’s up at QED-C? 2020 Year in review and looking ahead

    Published: March 10

    QED-C has made great strides since our founding in 2018.  Looking back over the last year alone, the consortium has built a solid foundation and embraced numerous activities and projects with a goal to enable and grow the quantum industry and its supply chain.  In 2020, QED-C released its fee-based membership agreement, signaling the next Read more...