Quantum bytes: Labor demand update

Given the recent inflationary turmoil in the global economy and the unusual behavior of today’s labor markets –including the recent technology-industry layoffs — one might wonder how the labor demand for quantum is holding up.  For QED-C member organizations [industry, academia, etc.] the past 12 months is comparable to the prior 12-months. New job posting during the two comparable periods amount to 2,207 to 2,154 jobs, respectively.  Thus, just a 2.4% increase, which could be explained by simple data collection noise. Recently, some large employers have announced firm-wide hiring freezes, which unfortunately includes quantum jobs. When it comes to quantum technology, other companies are picking up the slack in demand, which, partly, explains the robustness we see from QED-C members’ hiring data. In short, while there is structural stress in the broadly defined economy, quantum technology demand for labor is holding as rather robust in the aggregate…so far.  

For an up-to-date list of public job openings posted by QED-C member organizations, visit the QED-C jobs page.