Quantum Bytes: Labor Updates – The Talent Search

Looking for quantum technology talent? How do other employers advertise their job and internship openings?

These questions are answered by studying the distribution of open job in the quantum industry, globally. A complex data query was made of the global database and a surprising fact was uncovered. Of the 3,681 real-time job listings for quantum technology related jobs and internships, Linkedin.com provided 733 (20%) of the listings, while Indeed.com offered 592 of the listings, that is 16%. Other job-board-specific sites offered 379 openings (10%). Note, for this study, of course The QED-C’s job board is not considered in this investigation since the listings are provided by QED-C and not the employers themselves; clearly the job listing service provided by QED-C bodes will for job seekers – see next paragraph for the reason.

So that leaves a most interesting fact: 54% of the open job listings in the quantum industry are advertised on the website of the employer. We’ll leave it to you to speculate deeply on the meaning of this distribution, but on the surface, there are a great number of jobs that are available that only those candidates looking at the employer’s website will find. Of course, the QED-C Jobs pages helps improve reach for member companies.

For an up-to-date list of public job openings posted by QED-C member organizations, visit the QED-C jobs page.