QED-C recognizes Mark Wippich, recipient of Carl Williams Award

The Quantum Economic Development Consortium’s (QED-C) third annual Carl Williams Award was presented to Mark Wippich for his leadership of the QED-C Quantum Marketplace. The award was given to Wippich at the QED-C annual meeting in Palo Alto, CA on Dec. 14, 2023.

“Mark Wippich has made invaluable contributions to QED-C, from launching the Quantum Marketplace to developing a tool for members to assess the requirements and potential markets for quantum-enabling lasers. Mark was the steering committee’s unanimous choice for this special recognition. He has singlehandedly elevated the profile of QED-C members by showcasing them at the regular Quantum Marketplace webinars, while simultaneously educating the public about the emerging quantum industry.”

Mark Wippich, CEO of MPW, is a prominent advisor and startup expert with a unique blend of business and technical expertise. His extensive network across the value chain positions him as a key figure in the industry. Wippich takes charge of moderating the monthly QED-C Quantum Marketplace Webinars, facilitating vital connections between quantum technology providers and users. His leadership in these forums highlights his commitment to collaboration and driving advancements in the dynamic field of quantum technologies.

Reflecting on the consortium’s role as a voice of the emerging quantum industry, Wippich said, “At QED-C, collaboration isn’t just a strategy; it’s our quantum advantage. Together, QED-C members are creating the quantum industry of the future—from supplier of specialized components to system developers and end users. At QED-C, collaboration catalyzes breakthroughs and progress that leads to value. It has been rewarding to be part of building the quantum ecosystem.”

Carl Williams, the award’s namesake and first recipient, noted “Mark Wippich brings his deep expertise of photonics and his good humor to the role of Quantum Marketplace creator and host. His strong sense of what makes sense from a business perspective is invaluable to QED-C members that are focused on technology development and creating new products and businesses.”