Technical Advisory Committees (TACs)

Bringing members together to address focus areas relevant to advancing the emerging quantum industry. Current TACs include:

Enabling Technologies

Identify enabling technologies – both quantum and classical – that need to be advanced to realize high economic impact applications and uses.


Q4NS Summary: The Quantum for National Security (Q4NS) TAC is comprised of a subset of QED-C corporate participants and government agencies from the defense and intelligence communities to promote interaction and collaboration on QIS topics specifically pertaining to national security. The Q4NS TAC will:
• Provide a forum for government and industry to exchange information
• Coordinate with the Use Case TAC to identify use cases of interest to defense and national security
• Leverage QED-C activities to address enabling technology gaps impacting QIST advances, including toward national security applications
• Raise awareness in the national security community regarding global standards development
• Create a pipeline of clearable QIST students

Standards and
Performance Metrics

Identify standard and metrics that can accelerate commercialization of quantum-based products and services. Connect members with relevant standards development organizations worldwide.

Use Cases

Identify and elaborate applications and use cases of quantum-enabled technologies. The output will inform companies across the supply chain — from component suppliers to users — as well as policy makers, government program managers, and investors.


Identify education and workforce development needs to support the emerging quantum industry, working with universities and other educational institutions.