Registration now open: CU Boulder/NIST Q|School

The CU Boulder/NIST <Q|School: Introduction to Single Photonics and Quantum Radiometry Short Course: Sources, Detectors and Measurements

The course site is now live! This course is sponsored by QED-C and is a direct result of the QED-C single photon workshop held in September 2021 and the subsequent report released in July 2022. Register Today! 


Who should attend

  • Technologists looking for an introduction to a new field and networking
  • Experienced engineers or technicians in a related field looking for an introduction
  • Researchers seeking a better understanding of and expressing measurement results


Topics (full list)

  • Detectors
    • PMTs, SPADs, SNSPDs, TESs (if you don’t know the acronyms, register for the course!), how do we define detection efficiency? What is detector tomography?
  • Sources
    • Down conversion, quantum dots, nitrogen vacancies, What’s the difference between a single photon source and simply ‘faint light’?
  • Measurements and use cases
    • Detection efficiency, photon number, dark counts, jitter, dark counts. What is ‘spooky action at a distance’? What does a calibration report tell me?
  • Engineering
    • Cryogenics, optics, optical fibers and optimization, statistics and uncertainty


Highlighted instructors (full list):

  • Sae Woo Nam, NIST, USA
  • Alan Migdall, JQI/NIST USA
  • Krister Shalm, CU/NIST USA
  • Ivo Pietro Degiovanni, INRIM, Italy
  • Angela Gamouras, NRC, Canada
  • Christopher Chunnilall, NPL, UK