The Quantum Insider

The Quantum Insider is the leading provider of news and data on quantum technologies. We are highly aligned with QED-C’s mission of enabling the quantum ecosystem. We do this by providing incisive coverage of the market, connect key stakeholders and provide robust market intelligence. Our customers include the leading players in the quantum industry across quantum companies, end users, national organizations and investors. We are looking forward to bringing our network and information to the QED-C and look forward to helping grow the full quantum supply chain in the USA and beyond. Visit website

Product categories and research areas

  • Consulting
  • Consulting
  • Investment
  • Research (think tank)
  • Professional services
  • Data

Key products

  • Quantum market intelligence
  • Quantum data
  • Quantum news
  • Quantum research
  • Quantum consulting
  • Quantum marketing
  • Quantum content creation

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