Session 9

Today’s proceedings will be moderated by Adrian German (QED-C WD TAC Chair / IU QSEc Organizing Manager)


Time Presentation
Role of Chirality in Quantum Impurity Relaxometry of Magnons in Ferromagnetic Thin Films
Avinash Rustagi (Purdue University)
Searching for Dark Matter with a Superconducting Qubit
Akash Dixit (The University of Chicago)
Conductance of LaAlO3/SrTiO3 Nanostructures for Temperatures Between the Freezing and Boiling Points of Water
Aaron Greenberg (Levy Lab, University of Pittsburgh)
Floquet Gauge Pumps as Sensors for Spectral Degeneracies Protected by Symmetry or Topology
Abhishek Kumar (Indiana University Physics, Seradjeh Group)