Session 10

Today’s proceedings will be moderated by Charles Robinson (QED-C WD TAC vice-Chair / IBM QC Public Sector Leader)


Time Presentation
Optimizing Feedback Cooling for Weakly Monitored Bose-Einstein Condensates
Shangjie Guo (presenter), Hilary Hurst, I. B. Spielman (University of Maryland)
Quantum Information Transfer in a Chain of Electron Spins
Yadav P Kandel (Nichol Group, University of Rochester)
Application-Oriented Performance Benchmarks for Quantum Computing
Paul Varosy (Mines/QED-C), Jeremiah Coleman (Stanford/Princeton/QED-C)
Characterization of QUBO Reformulations for the Maximum K-Colorable Subgraph Problem
Rodolfo Alexander Quintero Ospina (QCOL, Lehigh University)