New internship opportunities announced to contribute to QED-C’s projects on quantum computing and work with leading quantum computing industry experts

QED-C is seeking two students to implement and enhance application-oriented benchmark programs and techniques as part of an open-source project. These programs will execute on quantum computing simulators and on multiple quantum computing hardware systems, including publicly available systems. The successful candidates will interact with and learn from technical experts in the quantum industry. Required qualifications include: expertise in quantum programming environments such as Qiskit, Cirq, Braket, and Q#; experience implementing quantum algorithms on NISQ computers; working knowledge of Python and GitHub. Interested candidates should contact, Tom Lubinski at

QED-C is seeking two talented and motivated students for internships to assist in developing reference implementations for state-of-the-art compilers for quantum computing. These implementations will involve advanced quantum algorithms. Expertise working with compilers (e.g., parsing, code generation, intermediate representations and optimizations); basic understanding of quantum computing concepts (algorithms, circuit, gates and measurements); expertise in quantum programming libraries such as ProjectQ, Qiskit, is required. Students must be enrolled in a degree program at a U.S. academic institution.  Interested candidates should contact Yudong Cao