QED-C Control Electronics Report

We are pleased to release a report on “Control and readout electronics for quantum systems”.  This report, which is based on a QED-C workshop, outlines the gaps and needs for microwave and RF electronics for quantum systems.  Themes around which actions are recommended for investment/progress include the following.

Theme 1. Scaling up

This theme focuses on the technological challenges related to scaling up control and readout electronics to enable larger quantum systems, such as quantum computers with thousands or millions of qubits, each of which must be separately controlled. The field is near the limits of what can be achieved by “just add more of the same” scaling. New technical innovations as well as improved engineering are necessary to support the desired scaling of quantum systems.

Theme 2: Quantum-specific characterization and validation

Most components and technologies used in control/readout electronics for QIST were designed and developed for other applications, and thus their ability to satisfy the often more stringent performance requirements specific to QIST applications is not always known or well characterized. This is the case for individual components as well as for larger integrated systems of control/readout electronics. The challenge of characterizing performance becomes harder as the systems scale up and become more integrated, as necessary to meet the needs identified in the first theme.

Theme 3: Workforce, market, supply chain & policies

Ultimately, a strong industrial ecosystem for development and production of control and readout electronics is required to enable the production of large QIST systems. This theme focuses on the market, supply chain, and policy challenges to building the ecosystem.  Some of the needs identified include quantum-relevant workforce training, trusted supply chains, balancing intellectual property protection with collaboration, and the challenges of potential export controls.

Read the full Executive Summary here. The full report is available to members at https://members.quantumconsortium.org/reports/control-electronics-report/.