Quantum.Tech Virtual 2021: Commercial applications of quantum computing, communications and sensing

The world’s first, and largest event bringing together industry, research institutions, government agencies and investors whose primary goal is to drive forward the commercialization and real-world deployment of Quantum technologies.
The purpose of the Quantum.Tech conference and exhibition is to drive forward the commercialization of Quantum applications across industry, and to provide a global, annual meeting place for the Quantum ecosystem. To pull Quantum out of the research lab, and onto the shop floor.

Enterprises need to understand the current status of the Quantum landscape, explore potential applications, benchmark against peers in their market, and drive forward their internal adoption of these technologies. Whether you are just starting to assess the Quantum landscape, or you have a fully fledged program in place, Quantum.Tech is the one “must attend” meeting to drive forward your knowledge and expertise.
Register for the event and attend QED-C Executive Director Celia Merzbacher’s session on April 14th.

Date: April 12-14 2021
Learn more and register: https://www.quantumtechdigital.co.uk/
Celia Merzbacher’s session: April 14th, 2021