Freedom Photonics

FREEDOM PHOTONICS is a Santa Barbara, CA based manufacturer of unique and innovative photonic components, modules, and subsystems. Our world-record performance high-power and tunable laser, photodetector, advanced photonic integration, and sophisticated micro-optic system technologies enable cutting-edge solutions to demanding photonics applications. Specific products and capabilities related to quantum applications include semiconductor lasers (tunable, high-power, stable, and narrow-linewidth), photodiodes (high-speed, high-power and arrays), optical amplifiers/shutters, high-speed optical modulators, both active and passive Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs) spanning wavelengths from 700nm to 2200nm, and 2D/3D integration of micro-optics and PICs. Freedom’s quantum business interests include quantum communication/networking and sensing. Visit website

Product categories and research areas

Hardware Components
  • Lasers

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