Microsoft takes a comprehensive approach to delivering all the technology needed to enable commercial impact with quantum—encompassing everything from development to deployment. This approach innovates in parallel at all layers of the computing stack, including quantum hardware, controls, software, and development tools and services. It also includes major ongoing focus to develop the topological qubit to help make scalable, stable quantum computing a reality. With Azure Quantum, find everything you need to accelerate your application development and quantum computing growth in a single place: including quantum software, hdw, and solutions from Microsoft and partners, as well as learning resources for developers, researchers, and students. Visit website

Product categories and research areas

  • Custom Solution Development
End Users
  • General
  • Researcher
  • Student
  • Developer
Applications / Systems
  • Quantum Computers
  • Chemistry
  • Materials Science
  • Job Shop Scheduling
  • General
  • Advanced Fleet Management
  • Job Shop Scheduling

Key products

  • Azure Quantum

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