Celia Merzbacher, QED-C Deputy Director featured in Breaking Defense on the consortium and quantum in the U.S.

In her talk with Genius Machines, QED-C Deputy Director Celia Merzbacher gave insight into the consortium, the quantum ecosystem, a roadmap ahead for quantum in the U.S. and much more. Breaking Defense put together a look into Merzbacher’s conversation:

QEDC on Sept. 16 announced its steering committee members and now has almost  200 members, from small startups to major defense contractors Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, BAE Systems, L3Harris and Honeywell. It also includes all of DoE’s national laboratories and 32 universities from across the country.

Since its establishment, Merzbacher said QEDC has been “building a consortium of stakeholders from across the research and innovation system, but really focused on bringing together the various industries that are going to be really critical to achieving the economic impact that quantum sort of promises. It’s in a very early stage. But nevertheless, there are all kinds of technologies that are going to have to advance and come together to make it possible to have quantum computing, and quantum communications and networks, and security and sensing.”

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