2024 Quantum Tech Showcase on Capitol Hill Exhibitor Guidelines

  1. Advance Screening Process for Equipment
  • For equipment larger than 24×18 magnetometers, exhibitors have the option of using an offsite loading dock for screening. Items cannot be shipped for the screening process.
  • Exhibitors must arrange for a van or two to drive to the offsite loading dock for screening, then proceed to the Senate for unloading. Vehicle and driver details must be provided at least 48 hours in advance, along with a description and pictures of the items in the vehicle(s).
  • Deliveries should first arrive at the USCP Offsite Screening Facility at 4700 Shepherd Parkway, SW. Screened vehicles will then be directed to the Hart Loading Dock at 119 D Street, NE.
  • Please note that approval to access the offsite loading dock requires submission of a material delivery form, which must be accepted by Capitol Police.


  1. Availability of High-Speed Wi-Fi
  • High-speed Wi-Fi will be available during the event for exhibitors and attendees. The Senate Guest Wi-Fi password will be provided on the day of event (password changes regularly).
  • Stable connections for demos can be ensure with wired LAN drops, available at $85 per drop.


  1. Parking Availability
  • There is no parking available onsite. Attendees and exhibitors are advised to use public transportation such as metro, Uber/taxi services, or arrange for drop-offs.
  • Union Station offers a 24-hour parking garage as an alternative. Street parking is limited to a 2-hour limit and is subject to zoning restrictions.


  1. Assistance for Equipment Loading and Unloading
  • There is no onsite assistance available for loading and unloading equipment. Exhibiting groups are responsible for these tasks.


  1. Layout of Event Space
  • Each exhibitor will be provided with two 6-ft tables for their booth setup.
  • The event space will have tables arranged around the perimeter of the room to facilitate movement for attendees.
  • Please note that this event is not held in a convention center; therefore, exhibitors should plan their setups accordingly considering the smaller space available and heightened security measures in place at the location.


  1. Tablecloths for Exhibitors
  • Black tablecloths will be provided. Exhibitors may also bring their own preferred tablecloths if desired.


  1. Display Guidelines
  • Pop-up displays, banners, and backdrops with logos are allowed as long as they fit through the magnetometer.
  • Specific guidelines on logos are provided in the attached PDF; generally, logos inside the room without solicitation are acceptable.


  1. AV Tech Support for Video Displays
  • No AV tech support is provided unless Senate equipment such as microphones requires attention.