Nadia Carlsten

Steering Committee

Dr. Nadia Carlsten is the Head of Product for the AWS Center for Quantum Computing. In this role she is responsible for the strategic direction of AWS’s efforts to accelerate the development of quantum hardware and algorithms, and for identifying new applications for quantum technologies. Previously she was Sr. Technical Product Manager for Amazon Braket, and worked to integrate multiple types of quantum computers with cloud resources to launch a fully managed quantum computing service in 2020. Nadia has extensive experience working with tech companies and R&D organizations to develop intellectual property and investment strategies for next generation technologies. Prior to Amazon, she was Director of Commercialization at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security where she was responsible for bringing new technologies to market and successfully launching multiple startups based on federally-funded technology. She also managed large cybersecurity technology programs for software and application security. She obtained a Ph.D in Engineering from UC Berkeley, a BS in Chemistry, and a BA in Physics from the University of Virginia.