QIS (Quantum Information Science) developments have underpinned significant parts of the national economic and defense infrastructure. Future scientific discovery and technological advancement in QIS will transform R&D enterprise and have profound impact on U.S. economy and national security. The DOE Office of Science (SC) efforts in QIS (https://science.osti.gov/initiatives/QIS), informed by community input, target DOE-mission-focused applications by leveraging SC’s unique strengths. So far, SC has invested to establish 5 National QIS Research Centers (https://science.osti.gov/Initiatives/QIS/QIS-Centers/). Workforce Development has been widely recognized by the community as a critical element in the ongoing QIS effort. In March 2021, SC established a working group consisting of representatives from DOE national laboratories, universities, industrial companies, and the Office of Science to develop a plan that will be used to establish the knowledge base and skill set/competences requirements needed for developing a curriculum in QIS for educating future scientists in the area. The working group report can be found here.