Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is committed to research and development in quantum technology in a number of areas, including quantum computing and quantum communications/security, as well as enabling technologies such as entanglement as a service, QRNG, quantum sensors, etc. we are also committed to the growth and well-being of the quantum technology industry on a national scale, and look forward to participating in the development of standards, workforce skills, collaborative relationships, and other areas within QED-C. Visit website

Product categories and research areas

Hardware Components
  • Lasers
  • Light Sources & Detectors
  • Optics & Photonics
  • Investment
  • Professional Services
  • Research / Think-tank
Applications / Systems
  • Communication & Networks
  • Quantum Computers
End Users
  • General
  • General

Key products

  • Mainly consumer
  • quantum-safe financial environment

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