QC Ware

QC Ware is a quantum software and services company focused on ensuring enterprises are prepared for the emerging quantum computing disruption. QC Ware specializes in the development of applications for near-term quantum computing hardware with a team composed of some of the industry's foremost experts in quantum computing. It's growing network of customers includes AFRL, Aisin, Airbus, BMW Group, Covestro, Goldman Sachs, and Total. QC Ware Forge, the company's flagship quantum computing cloud service, is built for data scientists with no quantum computing background. QC Ware also organizes Q2B, the largest annual gathering of the international quantum computing community. Visit website

Product categories and research areas

  • Optimization
  • Machine Learning
  • Monte Carlo
  • Chemistry Simulation
  • Consulting
  • Professional Services
Applications / Systems
  • Quantum Computers

Key products

  • QC Ware Forge

Get in touch with QC Ware

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