Qubitekk designs, builds and integrates the hardware and software for quantum networks, a precursor to the quantum-enabled internet, while championing the growth of a robust quantum ecosystem through education, advocacy and collaboration. Current product offerings include end-to-end quantum networks and selected networking components such as entangled photon sources, single photon detectors and coincidence counters. Additionally, Qubitekk offers tools to enhance quantum education and workforce development efforts. Visit website

Product categories and research areas

  • Consulting
  • Professional Services
  • Research / Think-tank
Applications / Systems
  • Communication & Networks
End Users
  • General
  • General
Hardware Components
  • Electronics / RF / Microwave
  • Light Sources & Detectors
  • Optics & Photonics

Key products

  • Quantum Networks
  • Detectors
  • Sources
  • Educational Kits
  • Entanglement Academy

Get in touch with Qubitekk

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