QTI s.r.l.

QTI s.r.l. (Quantum Telecommunications Italy) is the first Italian Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) company, providing industrial grade systems and products for quantum networks. Headquartered in Florence, QTI is an innovative startup founded in October 2020 as a spin-off of the Italian National Institute of Optics of the National Research Council (INO-CNR). QTI engineers, develops, and produces reconfigurable QKD architectures thanks to the work of a team of quantum experts and entrepreneurs, with the vision of spreading the use of quantum technologies in industry, government, and military organizations to guarantee the ultimate security of digital communications. Visit website

Product categories and research areas

End Users
  • General
Applications / Systems
  • Communication & Networks
  • Fabrication
  • Professional Services
  • Research / Think-tank

Key products

  • Quell-X
  • QKME - Key Management Entity
  • QSDN - Software Defined Network

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