Poster sessions

Session 21

  • Towards Real Chemical Accuracy on Current Quantum Hardware through the Transcorrelated Method

    Werner Dobrautz, (Chalmers University of Technology)

  • Quantum Hamiltonian Downfolding Method for Simulating Quantum Chemical Systems with Sublinear Scaling in Number of Qubits---Simulating Systems Relevant to Material Science and Pharma
  • Hardware-Efficient Framework for Programmable Quantum Simulation of Strongly-Correlated Molecules and Materials with Rydberg Atom Arrays

Session 19


Session 18


Session 17


Session 16


Session 14


Session 13

  • Observation of the quantum boomerang effect

    Roshan Sajjad (Weld Lab, UC Santa Barbara Quantum Foundry)

  • Error suppression in continuous-time quantum computing

    Jemma Bennett (Durham University, England)

  • Toward quantum computing experiments using trapped electrons

    Kayla J Rodriguez (NIST and Univ. of California at Riverside)

  • Virtual reality simulations for magnetism and solid-state physics education

    Joshua C Leaney (Loyola Univ New Orleans, Prof. Jamileh Beik Mohammadi)

Session 12

  • Quantum sensing with rubidium atoms trapped in solid neon

    Ugne Dargyte (Weinstein Lab, University of Nevada at Reno)

  • Progress towards remote entanglement between a trapped ion and a solid state qubit

    Alex Kato (Boris Blinov Group, Dept. of Physics, Univ. of Washington)

  • Driven-dissipative dynamics in superconducting circuit lattices coupled with quantum baths
  • Controlling energy transfer in nanocrystal-molecule complexes

    Jeff DuBose (The Kamat Group, University of Notre Dame)

Session 11

  • Morse Potential on a Quantum Computer for Molecules and Supersymmetric Quantum Mechanics

    Josh Apanavicius (Indiana University Bloomington)

  • Atom By Atom: Designing and Realizing Electronic Quantum Matter

    Marlou Slot (NIST-Georgetown, formerly with Utrecht University)

  • Wide-Field Magnetic Imaging of Ferromagnetic Nano-Particle Fields Using Quantum Defects in Diamond for DNA-Orientation Measurements
  • Quantum Entangled-Probe Scattering Theory