Hakan Ayaz

I’m Hakan Ayaz. It all started with my BSc degree in Astronautical engineering without realizing I was building up a highly eclectic background. I completed the first MSc degree in Mechanical Engineering in Solid Mechanics, then started a Ph.D. program in Mechanical engineering and got a Ph.D. candidacy. During my master’s and Ph.D. years, I worked primarily for automotive companies back in Turkey. Following this handful of years of experience, I moved to the US with the motivation to contribute to the development of Quantum computers as an engineer, which I have a strong faith can take us further in many different fields. Now, I’m doing my second MSc in Quantum Engineering Software at the Colorado School of Mines. It makes me beyond excited thinking of solving recent challenging optimization problems that will let us fight cancer through the evolution of this technology. Besides my professional life, I love riding my motorcycle and climbing rocks. It is my goal to visit all state signs with my motorcycle, 27 so far and counting. Basically, I am trying to live the crazy traveling motorcycle man problem in my spare time.