Mark Ritter


Mark Ritter is Chair of the Physical Sciences Council at IBM Research. Dr. Ritter led the team which developed the IBM Quantum Experience – a quantum computer whose computing power is freely accessible via the internet. This innovative, cloud-based quantum system has resulted in over 270 research papers and is used for education by multiple academic institutions and other organizations. Dr. Ritter currently guides IBM’s global physical sciences research. His team collaborated with MIT to create the MIT EdEx Pro quantum education material and fund EdEx MOOC courses. He also is a member of the University of Chicago QISE-NET Advisory Board, which reviews and selects joint university-industry graduate student research to be funded by the NSF, among other university collaborations. Dr. Ritter is also a member of the governing board of the Quantum Economic Development Consortium, tasked with advancing the industrial technology ecosystem around quantum technologies to the benefit of both university researchers and industry. Dr. Ritter has 36 issued patents; was the recipient of the 1982 American Physical Society Apker Award for his work on the optical and magnetic properties of solids, several Outstanding Innovation Awards, and an Outstanding Technical Achievement Award inside IBM; and is an elected member of the IBM Academy of Technology.