Zyvex Labs

Zyvex has been developing atomically precise patterning, Scanning Tunneling Microscope (STM) based - Hydrogen Depassivation Lithography (HDL) and associated pattern transfer techniques for over 15 years. Our ZyVector STM controller is being used by Sandia National Labs, Univ. of Maryland, University of Illinois, University of New South Wales, and University College London. The principal use of our tool is atomic precision placement of dopant atoms in Si to make solid state quantum devices. We have made dramatic improvements to STM technology to enable automated HDL and are exploring cryogenic operations high-performance, low-noise analog devices that could be used in quantum computing backplanes. Visit website

Product categories and research areas

  • Fabrication
  • control systems for nanopositioning
Hardware Components
  • Electronics / RF / Microwave
  • Atomically precise manufacturing

Key products

  • Atomic precision lithography
  • Pattern transfer
  • Fabrication services
  • Nanopositioning tech

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