QED-C Newsletter – July 13, 2021


 You asked for it, you got it! New member forum

Many of you have expressed interest in a QED-C discussion forum, so we have added one to the member website. Through it you can add news and announcements on behalf of your organization (‘Member news’), get the latest updates from QED-C, and contribute to various quantum-related conversations. Sign up for alerts so you don’t miss out on the conversation!

New TAC on Quantum Law

A new technical advisory committee (TAC) is being launched and will focus on legal aspects of quantum, including export control, intellectual property, immigration and other topics. An informational meeting will be held on Monday, July 19 at 3:00-4:00pm ET and is open to members and nonmembers who are eligible to become members. To request an invitation, send an email to admin@quantumconsortium.org.

 In case you missed it…

 New this week—see the latest blog on cryogenic needs for QIST

This blog post identifies four priorities for cryogenic technologies that will expedite the transformation of QIST from a research-focused realm to commercial deployment.

Members can click on the titles below to view video recordings or presentations from some events that have occurred since our last newsletter:

Workforce Webinar: Preparing for QIST Jobs (video) June 29, 2021

Christopher Bishop, Chief Reinvention Officer at Improvising Careers, spoke about ‘succeeding at a job that doesn’t exist yet’- which describes many jobs related to the application of QIST. Andrew Sosanya also gave an introduction to the DayOne Project.

QED-C Virtual Discussion: Harmonization of Terminology in Standards for Quantum Technology (video) July 1, 2021

QED-C members shared comments, perspectives, and questions, and generated action items around this topic, prompted by a, ITUT-hosted webinar.

Join us for these upcoming events!

QED-C events are free to all members; public events may have registration fees
For an invitation to QED-C member-only events, contact Mary Scott

 Photonics for Quantum 2021

July 12-16 (see schedule for times) | Public event

Photonics for Quantum speakers will address various topics on how photonic devices can impact quantum science, technology, and applications. Topics include Networks and Communication, Computing and Simulation, Sensing and Imaging, Components, Women in Quantum, and Government Initiatives and Funding. QED-C Executive Director Celia Merzbacher will host a panel on Workforce and Education with speakers from QED-C members Vescent Photonics, MinneQuantum and IonQ . There will also be a Poster Session featuring 15-20 quick poster presentations. Register here.

 Workforce Webinar: National initiatives for growing & upskilling a quantum workforce

July 13 – 3:00-4:00pm ET | Members only 

The Workforce TAC invites you to join a webinar with speakers Emily Edwards, Managing Director of the Illinois Quantum Information Science and Technology Center, on The Q12 and Q2Work National Initiatives; Crystal Bailey, Head of Career Programs at the American Physical Society, on Quantum Crossing (and other successful gather.town events); and Andrew Sosanya, Political Analyst at the DayOne Project, on Upskilling Quantum Researchers and Engineers. The webinar will be recorded, except for Andrew’s portion, so please join if interested!

 FormFactor Webinar: Scanning SQUID Microscopy

July 13 – 12:00pm ET & 8:00pm ET | Public event

FormFactor invites you to learn more about scanning SQUID microscopes – their history, applications, and the latest advances for superconducting quantum computing applications. Join IBM Research Division and Stanford University emeritus Dr. John Kirtley and FormFactor’s Dr. Ryan Murdick to see how employing SQUIDs capable of magnetometry and susceptometry allows measurements of local magnetization, magnetic response (susceptometry), and the ability to spatially map electrical currents from the magnetic response.  Researchers can now rapidly locate and capture detrimental magnetic vortices in superconducting circuits to enable operationally robust IC design and help accelerate the growth of the superconducting quantum computing market. Register for the 12pm ET event or for the 8pm ET event.

Center for Data Innovation Event

July 14 – 12:00-1:00pm ET | Public event

QED-C Executive Director Celia Merzbacher and representatives from QED-C members D-Wave Systems and Zapata Computing and the Department of Energy Office of Technology Transition will address “How can US policymakers support the development of quantum computing?” Register here.

Application of Quantum Computing Technology in Life Sciences

July 15 – 11:00am-12:00pm ET | Public event

 Hosted by Pistoia Alliance in partnership with QED-C and QuPharm and sponsored by QED-C founding member D-Wave, this webinar will feature key opinion leaders from the quantum computing (QC) and pharma industries. Attendees will get insights into the opportunities for QC to transform the efficiency and effectiveness of the biopharmaceutical industry with a particular focus on life science R&D. Register here.

Workforce Webinar: Quantum Industry Human Resources Panel

July 20 – 3:00-4:00pm ET | Members only 

This webinar will provide industry perspectives on hiring for QIST roles and target prospective job candidates in the quantum industry. There will be a formal needs discussion panel featuring HR/Hiring Managers from startup, small, medium, and large organizations across the quantum supply chain, including AFRL, DOE, IonQ, IBM, Google, Montana Instruments, and Herman Collins LLC. 180+ students will be invited to participate and engage with the industry professionals in a Q&A session.

 Quantum Information Science and Engineering High-School level Summer School (Virtual)

July 26-29 (times to be shared with participants) | Public event

Hosted by Virginia Tech in collaboration with the Department of Energy’s C2QA center, this virtual summer school program will help students explore the basic principles that underlie quantum technologies and gain an appreciation for what novel capabilities are unlocked by quantum mechanics. Participants are asked to register by June 30, but late registrations will also be considered if space permits.

The EDGE Symposium

September 21-23 (times to be shared with participants) | Public event

Interested in being part of the GE ecosystem? The EDGE Symposium will take place in person at GE Research in Niskayuna, NY, September 21-23, 2021. This annual event is where companies with innovative technologies, private and government R&D groups, and academia gather to present their research and demonstrations to GE managers and tech experts. Topics of interest include networking and edge computing, AI, and robotics. This year quantum technologies will be a focus of the symposium.  For more information, contact Steve Bush or visit the event webpage, where you can also register for the event.

Member benefits

 Funding opportunities

QED-C tracks opportunities for quantum research & development funding from government and other sources. New opportunities: an AFRL Funding Opportunity Announcement with white papers due July 25th, and a Director’s Innovation Initiative with a deadline of August 11th. See details for these and other opportunities on our member site.


Check out the QED-C blog

New this week—see the latest blog on cryogenic needs for QIST. QED-C blog posts are short pieces on topics of interest – for example, summarizing QED-C reports, commenting on recent and upcoming events, or sharing progress and trends in quantum-related areas. If you would like to contribute or have a suggested topic for a blog post, contact Celia Merzbacher.

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QED-C’s Technical Advisory Committees (TACs) are the means through which many activities, workshops, webinars and reports come to fruition. If you are a QED-C member, but not yet participating in a TAC (or two, or three), you can read more about each TAC’s mission and objectives and find your fit!

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